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A Christmas Revolution

“Two thousand years later, no one is singing songs about Herod or giving themselves to the kingdom of Caesar. Herod’s kingdom is dust, Rome is ensconced in museums, yet billions gather in the name of Jesus each week. No matter how many Caesars and Herods fill this world, they will never have the last word. The revolution of Jesus will see to that.” –Mike Erre, “Jesus of Suburbia”

Do you have a manager set up in your home or on your front lawn? Often we look into those manger scenes and observe what appears to be a tranquil and placid event. We look at the cherubic looking Christ child in the feeding trough and and we sing, “sleep in heavenly peace”. We call it a “Silent Night”. But it was anything but silent. The arrival of Jesus was anything but peaceful, quiet and subdued. It was a REVOLUTION!

The entrance of God into our world, wrapped in flesh, shook up the status quo. His arrival that fateful Bethlehem night shook the kingdoms of the earth off their fragile foundations. The arrival of Jesus ushered in a kingdom that declared war and stood in direct opposition toward the kingdoms of the day.

Too often we forget that Jesus incited revolution. We forget that his birth was in fact an insurrection against the establishment and “business as usual”. The Christmas Revolution started at the cradle but now that Revolution makes a call upon you and me.

When you are sitting behind another car in Atlanta traffic, you’ve probably seen this sticker on their bumper, “Jesus is the reason for the season” That’s incorrect...YOU are! YOU are the reason for the season.

Jesus came not because it would be cool for God to come in the flesh, but because it was absolutely necessary for Him to come in order for us to have peace with God. Jesus lived a perfect life – a life that you and I couldn’t live. And He paid the penalty of death that you and I should have paid by dying on the cross. What Jesus did on the cross was revolutionary. It allowed us, as sinners, to be reconciled again to a holy God who loves us so dearly.

We must remember though that coming to saving faith in Jesus isn’t so you can just get your ticket punched for heaven but then He doesn’t make any indelible mark on your life this side of heaven. Not at all! When the God of the universe comes into your life, He wants to bring revolution. Your life will get shifted around.

There will be shifts in your priorities. Shifts in your values. Shifts in your desires. Shifts in your heart. Shifts in your motivations.

But lets even get more concrete and practical: Shifts in the way you love your spouse. Shifts in your checkbook. Shifts in how you see and treat other people at work. Shifts in your thought life.

Jesus is a revolutionary. Let Jesus bring revolution to our life. Let that revolution overtake your life this Advent and Christmas season, and Beyond!