A bit of levity despite the madness

In a constant effort to grow in the spirit of humility and sometinesitisbesttokeepyourmouthshutness, I must share a Red letter day for a social media FAIL! Enjoy!


Dateline November 2nd, 2012;

So an old friend and all around good guy updates his relationship status on Facebook to “engaged”! Good stuff!

As I scroll past it, happy for him, I see a shared post praising the hope of a Romney victory. So in true form, I must contribute to the comment string, as I have grown tired of all of the banter. As I submitted my comment, I could only watch with perplexity a refreshing of the newsfeed on my cell phone screen . In just moments confusion led to horror as I saw that my comment had been misplaced into the congratulatory string of my friends relationship update, instead of the string intended, the “Romney” comment. As hard as I tried, it seemed that it could not be deleted quick enough! Enjoy the context of a comment out of place!

My comment ;

“Only if it ushers in a resurgence of our founders intent, without that any stooge will do!”


Keep Moving Forward

Often times we view failure as final, but it doesn’t have to be. Failure is part of the process of life. It is only when we personalize it and let it keep us from moving forward do we enable failure to create the negative mindsets within us that keep us from a breakthrough.

This past month I saw a great quote by Walt Disney that had some great advice for us in how we can begin to deal with failure.

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things – because we’re curious. And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. We’re always exploring and experimenting.” Walt Disney

Mr. Disney said something great to start this quote, “we don’t look backwards for very long“. I can relate to this as every morning I spend about 15 minutes driving on the interstate at around 70 mph. Every now and then I will glance into the rear view mirror, but not for very long. If I keep my gaze locked on that great piece of equipment that can be used in a useful manner something terrible would happen. No, I glance backwards, take stock of what is there and proceed on to my destination.

It is in the moments of facing failure that we have a choice. A choice to believe in what we know as truth: that we are not down but are instead at the moment of a breakthrough.

I can see three points in his great advice that could unlock the breakthrough and demolish the obstacle of failure for you.

1. Keep Moving Forward
2. Open Up New Doors
3. Do New Things

Without elaboration begin to do those three things and watch how you will demolish the obstacle of failure in your life.

Jason Curlee – Making Difference Makers