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At first glance, the story of Adam’s demise in Genesis 3 seems slightly unfair. Now, to question this is obviously to question the nature of God’s dealing with man. It is never good theology to question the nature of God. But what child in Sunday School has ever heard this story of the fall of man and not had the thought, “Oh, if Adam had only been given a little more information, possibly he could have avoided the whole apple-thing.” As we progress through the remaining 66 books God is proven sure and true, but let’s be honest… There are times in scripture, and chapter 3 of Genesis is no exception, when the nature of God seems to be as Rich Mullins once observed, “Like the kid who beats you up and then gives you a ride home.” In the same manner of reasoning, Adam’s fate seems to call God’s true nature into question.

Here is the situation from all we’re…

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