We the Silent, Invisible!

So many of us live our Christian lives in obscurity. We are silent…hidden…opaque…virtually invisible to the world around us. We all too often hide ourselves within the safe confines of our churches…rarely venturing out in fear of being discovered.

What is the paralyzing fear that keeps us in this state? Is it fear of persecution? Is it fear of our faults or weaknesses discovered? Is it fear of the skeletons of our past being revealed? Is it fear of leaving the safety of the crowd?

Why do we not have the power in our lives as the Disciples in Acts 1? Where is the urgency to go out into the world and “compel” people to know the Christ of the scriptures?

There are some who stand out from the crowd. There are those that don’t blend in. But sadly, a majority of these appear more concerned with drawing people to themselves in order to maintain that which they have created.

Our job, or mission, is to show people all that Christ is. To live our lives in such a way that when they look at us, they see a shining example or reflection of Him. To love so deeply, with such compassion, that they find themselves drawn to know more about Him.

I heard a pastor once say that the local church is the hope of the world. While I understand what he was trying to say…the focus in that statement is all wrong.

Jesus, and He alone, is the hope of the world!

Jesus was driven by a mission. He was completely surrendered to a specific purpose in His life. Jesus did not live His life in obscurity…neither should we!

“And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.” John 12:32 NIV

About Jimmy Eldridge

I am a husband, a father, a son, a brother and most of all, a follower of our most gracious savior Christ Jesus. Who are you following?

One thought on “We the Silent, Invisible!

  1. Nice site. There is no downside to Christianity. Believing in Christ and following his teachings doesn’t limit one’s happiness, it multiplies it! Christ wasn’t kidding when he taught that following him would bring happiness in life and lighten our yolk. (burdens)

    The sad thing is that this generation believes that morality and Christianity are outdated… they’re not. And God is the same today as he was 2000 years ago. To feel that amazing spirit that his disciples felt then, requires that we commit to live the same things he taught then. And that really isn’t so difficult to do.

    The confusion comes from those who cleverly mislead God’s children, and who have become adroit at misrepresenting the facts. God said that in the last days, men would call good evil, and evil good. That’s what’s causing so much emotional upheaval in the world today… but we can still turn it around.

    What we need in America more than almost anything else, is a return to true Christianity… and I explain how that’s done on my own site. I’d love to have you visit me and see if you don’t agree. Keep the faith!

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