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4 thoughts on “Sometimes We Just Need to Move

  1. Jimmy. I read your blog. In some aspects, I agree with the concept. However, we must remember this; God has ordained the church to accomplish His purpose. You are actually feeding a common trend in the modern day evangelical movement: the church is not relevant. I agree that much of what church has become is a mask to reality. Good hearted believers need to penetrate the church and lead the church to relevance. The church must be capable of interpreting both worlds, the spiritual world and the physical world. Once understood, the church must penetrate the culture and show Truth is relevant. I am always concerned when I read comments leading people away from the direction God is leading people toward. The apostle Paul wrote to the churches because He knew Gods purpose was to build the church.

    • First, thank you for reading our blog.

      Second, what we have to keep in mind when speaking of the “church” is this…the “church” is not a building, nor is it a particular denomination. We as Christians need to remember the distinction.

      The true “church” is the body of Christ…the “church” as most Christians refer to is relegated to their particular denomination or group of believers to which they feel they belong.

      That being said….Relevancy changes with the times whether we want it to or not. How we “do church” has changed quite a bit since the time of Jesus.

      Remember the “church” is an organism….NOT an organization.


  2. Thanks for clarifying and I agree. I was referring to the organism; however I will admit I was alluding to the corporate Body and it’s function. The church is the body of believers, not bound by denomination, race, gender or country.
    But when I say God has ordained the church, what I mean is that the Church must move in unison toward God’s purpose, for His glory. Your header to this blog is “sometimes we just need to move”. I agree; we must. We must move together, complete in Christ (Col. 1:28).
    Therefore, “going to church” is the answer. The building brings in 4 types of people: the faithful (the church), the frozen (they “believe” in God but are not followers of Jesus Christ), the fools (unbelieving observers, attenders) and fakes (masqueraders). This is an important distinction and may be the reason the church is seen as a bunch of hypocrites.
    When the faithful followers moved in unison for the glory of God, the others usually reconcile with their present state. They may double down or they may repent and become among the faithful. However, if the faithful do not move as one, how is anyone (not the faithful) to understand the purpose of the church?
    As one, the church must penetrate the culture, in step with one another.

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