Going to Church is NOT the Answer!

Having a relationship with Jesus Christ is!

You can attend all of the church services you like, from here till Jesus comes back and it won’t do you a bit of good UNTIL you have a relationship with Him!

You don’t need better lighting, bigger buildings, or cooler graphics….you need to know Jesus intimately.

I know some who will claim they have a relationship with Jesus, but what would happen to them if they were unable to attend their church? How would their relationship with Jesus be? Almost non-existent? Maybe so.

So many equate their relationship with Jesus by the church they attend or how often they attend. Not only that….their perception of Jesus depends on what their particular church teaches or believes…NOT on what they themselves have sought out in God’s word and know to be truth. That is scary! This is also why we have a weak kneed Christiandom today.

I for one have grown weary of trying to be Christian Politically Correct and not offend anyone for standing up for what I believe…especially when what I believe is based on sound biblical foundation.

And if i am wrong…I am not ashamed to admit it.

We don’t need more programs, better lighting, cooler graphics, bigger buildings, or hipper/younger leadership.

We need to be reflectant….so that when people look at us they see a true representation of Jesus Christ. We should reflect His mercy. His grace. His love. His truth.

We need to live this Christian life with wreck-less abandon. Abandoning ourselves for His will and purpose.

We don’t need more church…we need more God!

Going to church is NOT the answer….BEING the church of Jesus Christ is!

About Jimmy Eldridge

I am a husband, a father, a son, a brother and most of all, a follower of our most gracious savior Christ Jesus. Who are you following?

5 thoughts on “Going to Church is NOT the Answer!

  1. I agree that “being the church” is the answer. However, part of being the church is meeting together as a body to encourage one another, share our gifts, worship, learn, teach, etc. etc. Too often this excuse of “being churchy” is given as a reason to avoid attendance and faithfulness to a church. We NEED each other & we NEED to meet together. Hebrews 10:24-25 Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater!! 🙂

    • Kandy, I agree that meeting together as a body to encourage one another is important…I would argue though that what is thought of as “church” is not what is being mentioned in Hebrews 10. I whole heartedly agree that we need each other….how we get to that end is not near as important as having a deep, passionate relationship with Jesus Christ our savior. 🙂

  2. Great message. And I agree. I went to a church once that looked like a club. It was all dark inside with pink, blue, purple lights. Dare I saw there even might have been a fog machine. And another church that right after we went up to be prayed over they escorted all the “newbies” to the church outside so that we can fill out a sheet with all our contact information. It was so disturbing that me and my husband just walked up and left and they all looked so shocked. I was so filled with the spirit and that was such an interruption.

    We now have a home church, but I don’t feel bad if I don’t go because I know God is always with me. God isn’t only on duty on Sundays and we should most definitely read, pray, and worship Him everyday.

    God is totally awesome people! Just believe and you will be set free! Alpha & Omega +-

  3. Really good article! I agree with all that have relied thus far. I think Kandy and Jimmy both have awesome points. Kandy I know exactly what you mean and it is very important to attend a church still and fellowship with brothers of like faith. However, what Jimmy is saying I feel, is that the “church” is not necessarily a big building with lights and media entertainment, the church is the body of believers. Whether it be at home, in a van traveling somewhere, in the park, etc., this is the church of Christ.

    I feel that labels being placed on things where they shouldn’t be is one thing that causes a great deal of misunderstanding. We should get our definitions from scripture when dealing with our faith. If we were to do so, we would see that many “churches” today, are the furthest thing from the biblical definition of such.

    But I also feel that if we as Christians are the light, and we feel that some of today’s churches are corrupt or being misled, that it is our duty to make an effort to shine this light where there is darkness. Was this not the purpose for Christ coming into this world (Mark 2:17)?

    God Bless

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