Sometimes God just doesn’t makes sense to me

(P.S. I haven’t blogged here in a while, I hope Jimmy doesn’t mind that I slapped this one up).

Yesterday I held a newborn boy.  He was nearly perfect.

I also took my daughters horseback riding at a farm where a little five year old boy lives. He’s dying. There’s a good chance he won’t see the end of next month.

Last night I found out another little baby boy died. He was still born. His parents have been trying to have kids for years. They buried him on his due date.

Life is hard. I’ve had my share of hard times. Compared to kids dying though, they seem like nothing.

It seems that it’s always a matter of perspective. I mean, have you ever just asked yourself, “Who Cares? Who cares about this whole stupid mess?” Certainly the Psalmist did time and again.

Then of course there is the issue of Theology. There’s the issue of people who have no idea what to say, feeling like they have to say something. There is the issue of what is said usually being not all that helpful.

I’m convinced all of our stories were meant to be told together. We need each other.

And yet people hurt us.

There’s so much hurt and anger in this world of ours. So much about life that doesn’t make sense. Can I be honest with you? I think one of the biggest problems we have with God is that there is a lot to Him that we can’t understand. Oh we want to. We rail and scream against our lack of control but at the end of the day we simply cannot wrap our brains around this Divinity.

I think that’s the problem. We refuse to admit there is some ambiguity. We want certainty where God demands faith and obedience. One of my friends lamented to me that there is just sometimes where God doesn’t make sense. I couldn’t agree enough. We can’t see God. We cant’ touch God. I think that’s why God tells us we need each other.

Sometimes, we simply have to trust in God’s character, not our ability to explain Him.


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3 thoughts on “Sometimes God just doesn’t makes sense to me

  1. Hello Joe. I am new to wordpress. I was on blogger. I needed to learn more about wordpress so I looked up christian blogs. Yours came up. my blog is I love how you said we cant touch God so God gave us each other. I don’t think its God who does not make sense. I think we don’t know how to make sense of God. I am sure you might get that. Someone wrote the questions on a blog down a little further about how do we want to upset the status quo because we think it is cool. I like all those questions. I can relate and probably get pricked by all of them. I think the status quo needs to get upset because there is a new status quo coming to us. I also held a baby about a week ago and I have ten neices and nephews, but I as with my fiance and I could just see my status quo being realigned. I have this woman who I will love forever and create life with. I think God is unreal at times. I feel like I am shocked by my life and the grace of God despite myself. I guess I cope with the sense of God really by getting in the space to allow me to be in awe of God. I am grateful that there is the Kingdom of God out there. If only I would take the time and share this Kingdom with honestly myself to my people, then I would be given this awe even more. I d be in the process I guess I would call it, and I wouldn’t be living in my own static. Lets conversate. There must be a reason I read your blog. Hopefully at some point you can read mine. Thank you


  2. Hey Joe.

    Great post you have over here. It is true, that life is truly hard.. and when the going gets tough, trust and follow God. I love your content over here! Great to see someone follow God and feel passionate about it to write! Keep it on and God bless you.

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