Revolutionary, Reformist, Radical, or Anarchist?

I have heard a lot of talk about being a revolutionary. I have read numerous blog posts and articles about the need for reformation. I have read books on how to be radical in your faith…but it seems I always come back to these thoughts….

    Are we kicking against the status quo because it is cool to kick against the status quo?
    Are we trying to be hip or relevant to today’s culture?
    Are we following an urging in the Holy Spirit?
    Are we experiencing unrest in our personal faith because of a holy indignation?
    Are we complaining about the state of today’s “churches” because we see something that needs to change, or simply because we don’t want to go to “church”?
    Do we really want to see and effect change in the world…or do we just want to talk about it?

If the only reason we are fighting is simply for the sake of fighting…then we have become as the title to an old James Dean movie…a “Rebel Without a Cause”.

If all we are doing is railing to rile…then we aren’t Revolutionary, Radical or even a Reformist….we are an Anarchist.

I have questioned myself time and time again about my disinterest and dissatisfaction in today’s church culture and have come to a few conclusions.

    I am not simply trying to kick against the status quo…I really want to see lives changed into the image of Christ.
    I am not trying to be hip, current or relevant…I really do believe that God wants His people to live in community with each other, to care for one another, to share with one another, to know one another, to passionately love one another.
    I will endeavor to no longer complain about today’s church organizations…rather I will speak the truth about what God wants to do in, through and for His people.
    I will talk about God’s grace and His mercy and His deep love for us.
    I will continually tout the simplicity of the Gospel and tell people about the Good News that Jesus gave all for them, so that they might have life abundant. I will always tell of how that this thing called Christianity is really a simple faith, though not always easy to walk out, but well worth the struggle.

I have been called a rebel, a non-conformist, and a malcontent just to name a few. And to those that have called me those things I say…thank you very much! Having read about the apostles and Jesus himself…I think I am in good company.


About Jimmy Eldridge

I am a husband, a father, a son, a brother and most of all, a follower of our most gracious savior Christ Jesus. Who are you following?

5 thoughts on “Revolutionary, Reformist, Radical, or Anarchist?

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  2. I believe that the books about being ‘Radical’ are true that we should be so on fire for God that we are ‘Radical’. I look at it this way people can cheer and yell all day for football, soccer, etc. but we can’t worship our God that saved us the same way. This is the way I look at radicals not crazy people or even a religion I look at it as a way to worship God. (: But this is just my opinion.

  3. I have wondered the same things… Are we trying to be radical because we want to or God wants us too? Granted I do think that God calls us to live radical lives, however I think some people use that as an excuse to do things that are “radical” for their own purposes. The key is where are our hearts in the issue.

    Great post! Similar thoughts to what I have been having.

    • Curtis, Well put.

      I also think God has called us to live radical lives, there is no question in that.

      I have heard said that “people don’t know Christians for what we are for, but rather for what we are against”…to me that is not a good way to be. If the only thing people see is the negative in you, then they aren’t seeing Christ at all.

      Thanks for visiting, hope you come back and comment often.

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