Preying On Instead of Praying For!

This past Sunday I was sitting in my living room after getting home and flipped on the television. While scanning the channels I ran across one of my favorite speakers Dr. Ed Young on Daystar Network.

I had to get up and help my wife with something and upon returning to my spot in the living room, noticed that Dr. Ed was no longer on. Now there was this guy talking about how that God’s special blessings will only be poured out for a very limited time…right now….and will not be poured out again this year. He then paused, as if for dramatic effect, and claimed that he had felt that someone out there had made a lot of money from a big sale or settlement and needed to sow that into this particular ministry to receive God’s special blessing. And….that it was only a limited time offer to receive said special blessing because it wont come around again this year (emphasis mine). Watch Video

In my opinion this is prime example of preying on people instead of praying for them. Building kingdoms unto themselves. Who are they really helping?

This irritates me beyond belief.

What is your opinion?


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I am a husband, a father, a son, a brother and most of all, a follower of our most gracious savior Christ Jesus. Who are you following?

4 thoughts on “Preying On Instead of Praying For!

  1. That kind of ministry is birth by fear…fear that the work of the Lord won’t go on if no one gives, fear that we have to hap on the blessings of giving to that people will give to our mininstry…may God forgive us.

  2. If I may quote from a story told by John Wimber who asked a NY taxi driver who hated Christians and the church what He would do if He ran the church, “Feed the poor, Heal the sick, and don’t charge for teaching the people the book”

  3. These type of individuals do more for the cause of Christ in an negative way than any other. Pity the person that gets sucked int their devilish ways! I think hell will be especially hot for them if they don’t repent and ask Jesus to save them.
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