The Godless Church

God has NOT given us the spirit of fear but I’ll admit I’ve been a little fearful of what others might think about what God has called me to do with my life. That was until last Sunday, when I was told I wasn’t allowed to pray with my friends at the alter before church, as we had done for the past year and a half. Maybe, they wanted more order as people where coming in or they just didn’t want the so called distraction but whatever the reason I felt betrayed, ANGRY, then dirty. I walked away asking God to forgive us and have mercy on us as a whole because we have FAILED Him! We have become more concerned with what people think than what God wants.

It was at this moment that the Holy Spirit empowered me to be a voice and to deliver a message of Hope, a hope that says we can change things and bring Him back into our churches but to do this we will have to give Him control.

Are YOU ready to give Him control? You have to ask yourself some tough questions. Do we allow God to do what He wants in our services or do we stick to ‘the program’? I got news for you, God is sick of our machine we call CHURCH and our so called PROGRAMS! Angry, would probably be the best word. We show up, smile, sing 4 songs, pat each other on the back, and go our merry way. When did we stop asking ourselves where “The Lost, The Hurting, The Poor, The Needy, and The Sick are? The answer hurts, they are where we aren’t. They either can’t afford to come to church due to us setting ‘church’ up as only available to middle-class / upper-class America or they come and see a bunch of smiling happy people that have NO problems what-so-ever and leave feeling like they don’t belong.

I feel ashamed, I feel sick for allowing myself to be a part of these atrocities.

I can NO longer stand by and watch a church of 500+ people show up to a social gathering, stay for an hour, shake hands with 3 or 4 people, and leave the same way they came in…it’s disgusting!

I have watched as the spirit of God moves in our worship only to get cut off directly after the 4th song EVERY sunday because it’s 11:25 and we MUST take up the offering and do announcements.

Every sunday we give God the same 15-20 minutes and every sunday I look around when they ask on cue, “is anyone here who needs salvation?” the answer is almost always a resounding NO!

The steps of the alter at my church are clean, spotless, and show less wear than if we had put the carpet there last week. How did it come to this?

When did we feel it was just more profitable for us to close the alters; I mean, all we did at our church is gain 500+ members basically from other churches. They got bored where they were at and so, we where able to obtain massive growth in a very short period of time.

Problem is, now we cater to the numbers instead of God. Our pastors would rather please them than God. So, every week we get more programed, more to the minute on both services, and promise to have you home before the football game starts!

God, please forgive us and allow us to pick up and start over!

In other words, THANK GOD FOR GRACE!

As of this moment, I will NO LONGER stand by and watch us be proud of the kingdom we have built for ourselves, I cannot and will NOT keep quenching the Holy Spirit and where it is trying to lead us as a people!

God help us, because Hell is coming and in the end we will ALL have to answer to why we stood by and did nothing to save those in which Christ came for.

So again, ARE YOU READY…to take BACK our heritage as Christians and allow GOD back into our CHURCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s time for a REVOLUTION…is anyone with me…let your voice be heard if you feel God tugging on your heart as He is doing mine.

God Bless,



3 thoughts on “The Godless Church

  1. Sometimes we don’t agree with leadership but they are appointed by God and we must respect the office. I too battle of worrying about what people think about me but I have come to the conclusion that what God thinks about me is far more important. If God is leading you to do something pray to him for the strength and courage to do it then ask him to make the way.

  2. All leadership is not appointed by God in the church that is built with brick and mortar. I am sure some attend siminary school to make a living, just as any other profession. Only the, “Holy Spirit” can teach us all things. So try the Spirit. God is not behind big business. He already owns them. The true,”Church” is the body of Christ. The one He will return for.

  3. Love your hunger and your conviction mate – we no longer see the difference between how the world does things and how the church does things. But thankfully God has hungry people seeking him

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