The Complete Guide to Surviving Church Burn

Thought we might take the time to highlight a blog called “The Complete Guide to Surviving Church Burn”, that is dedicated to “…those of you out there who have been hurt, abused, misused and discarded. I have felt your pain…I know where you have been….there is a light at the end of the tunnel…and it’s not a train!”

The blog posts so far are what are deemed “Rules to surviving church burn”. A rule is listed, and then expounded on by the author.

Here are a few of the rules;

Rule #1: Put God Back in Center
Rule #2: Don’t Allow Bitterness to Destroy You
Rule #3: Don’t Loose the Heart in the Quest for Excellence
Rule #4: Prayer is Essential
Rule #5: Church Must Not Be Your Only Social Connection

Click here to visit their blog and check out their current list of rules.


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