Who Am I?

I am a flawed man.

Imperfect. Impatient. Most of the time.

Inconsiderate. Unloveable. Jaded. Some of the time.

I am a husband. I am a father. I am a son, a brother, and a friend…all of the time.

I am a Christian. A follower of Christ. A seeker of heavenly things.

I am a human being. Created by God in His image.

I am hopeful. Forgiven. At peace. Comforted.

I am covered by Grace. I am surrendered to Mercy.

I am His son. I am His child.

I am loved!


About Jimmy Eldridge

I am a husband, a father, a son, a brother and most of all, a follower of our most gracious savior Christ Jesus. Who are you following?

2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. I should be lonely, but God is with me always.
    I should be sad, but the joy of the Lord fills me.
    I should be afraid, but the Shepherd leads me.
    I should be poor, but my home is a mansion.
    I should be sick, but I know the Great Physician.
    I should be worthless, but God doesn’t make trash.
    The world tells me I should be all of these things and less, but God fills me with the knowledge that I am more, because I follow and believe in Him and He loves me.
    Thanks be to God.

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