We All Need Heroes

I was listening to one of my favorite bands, Foo Fighters, and their song My Hero came on…also one of my favorites…mainly because of the meaning of the song…that ordinary people can be heroic.

Everyone needs a hero. Someone to look up to. Someone to inspire you.

My Dad was my hero. He wasn’t afraid to take chances. He wasn’t afraid to put his heart out there. He wasn’t afraid to risk it all…and he did…a few times. He loved deeply. He loved unconditionally. He loved everyone. To me, he was the truest picture of Jesus Christ.

That picture was forever etched on my memory on the day of his funeral, when there were literally hundreds of people crammed into the little chapel to pay their respects to the man that had “touched their lives”, as many stopped to tell me.

He left a legacy. The legacy of a hero…an ordinary man, willing to do extraordinary things.

My Dad was my hero. He was the reason I turned to Christ. Because he lived his life in a way that when people saw him, they saw Christ.

Who is your hero?


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I am a husband, a father, a son, a brother and most of all, a follower of our most gracious savior Christ Jesus. Who are you following?

2 thoughts on “We All Need Heroes

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  2. I’ve got a few heroes – Archbishop Anastasios of Albania being one of them, particularly for his combination of theological expertise with a real desire to help people, physically and spiritually, with no regard to his own safety. That’s definitely something that I respect and admire.

    People expect heroes to be global figures. Sometimes they are – it takes a lot to maintain who you are when you’re in a goldfish bowl – but that’s such a limiting definition of heroic.
    Most people will choose heroes that are similar in some ways to themselves, but just /better/ or different in a good way. The early Christians would have saints to say ‘these are people we should be like’ – nowadays, we have posters, doing the same kind of thing…

    I think people have the concept of role model to a T – we do it naturally – but I think that there’s a great problem in choosing /good/ role models…

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