On Reframing and God Changing Us

If you’ve read any organizational leadership books, you’ve probably heard about something called “reframing.” Reframing is a technique for change (both corporate and personal) that utilizes a new perspective. That is to say, you look at a situation from a different angle; same object, different view. It occurred to me this week that is what the Bible is about on almost every page.

God “reframes” all of life for us.  Think about it. What is stressing you out right now? What scares you right now? What is driving you crazy right now?  Have you ever wanted revenge? Have you ever felt alone?  What’s interesting to me is this is how Satan works too. Look at Satan’s interaction with Eve; he reframes the issue by asking her, “Did God really say…?”  Once again he’s counterfeiting what God has created for his own end.

This is what makes God so radical, and so relevant for our day. He’s always reframing your life.  Think about His command to love our enemies! Come on, be serious, that’s nuts! Forgive those who hurt you! Be kind to each other! Love one another; submit to one another, the list of crazy reframing goes on and on.

Now, this is where I’m going to get myself in trouble. I wonder if the reason we don’t see much change in the church today, in fact I wonder if the reason we don’t see much difference in those who claim to follow Christ and those who don’t is because we fail to allow God to reframe our life for us. When we hold onto our hurt, seeking revenge, we are willfully choosing to go our own way.  We are choosing to live life our way. I wonder if the reason most of the world has stopped listening to us is because we’ve decided to put down our Bibles and pick up our “political rights.” We’ve exchanged time on our knees in prayer for time on our feet in protest marches. We’ve exchanged trust in a God who has promised to meet all of our needs for trust in a political system. We’ve laid down our greatest identifying marker (love for one another) for theological wars. We’ve traded in faith, hope and love for name-calling, castigation and witty titles.  We’ve traded in forgiveness for grudges.
So I want to ask you, what is in your life right now that God is trying to reframe? What are you holding onto? What are you saying, “God you can have all of this, but not that!” What action/thought/belief do you want to change but can’t because you won’t let God reframe it for you.

Please understand, I could do a follow up post about the many things in my life that I struggle with, this post is not intended to make you feel guilty, or bad about yourself.  This post is meant to remind you, change can happen. God can change you. He can reframe your hurt, and bring you the change you’re desperately seeking. I know he has done it many times in my life and many times in the lives of others.  I’ll leave you with I Peter 5:7. Talk about reframing…

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you

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  1. Interesting thought… this would invariably be the person that wants to make Jesus a PART of his/her life, rather than making Him Lord of it. In this perspective, Christianity makes a cute little add-on room in the back of the house, and doesn’t really affect the structure as a whole. In reality, Jesus probably needs to knock the whole building down and start at the foundation. BTW, that adds a nice analogous format to the term “reframing.” 🙂

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