What is Doctrine?

This past week, my wife and I had a wonderful conversation with a dear sweet friend, who wanted to know if we thought Obama was the Anti-Christ. I immediately asked why, and we had a great conversation. She asked me what I believed about the Bible and told me that her husband had recently done a Bible study for his church on the book of Revelation, and it was all from the Bible. (Side note here, I’m not sure if she was implying that I don’t understand the Bible when she said that or not, and I’m assuming the best of her which means I think she was just sharing about her husband’s Biblical know how).  She didn’t find my answer to be all that satisfying and she asked me, “What about the rest of it?” I replied with “rest of what?” She then said “A doctrine free life, how liberating!”  So of course, I told her that I have doctrine but evidently not enough for her, so I asked her “What is doctrine.” She hit me back with a concordance full of verses (she told me she had one open in front of her) but never a definition. In fact, I pointed that out. She told me that was a good question. We talked some more about my beliefs regarding the book of Revelation and how I don’t think that doctrine has anything to do with whether or not Obama is the anti-christ and that there have been people throughout all of history that some have called the anti-christ. Etc, etc, etc.
Now, there is the context for this question. I want you to tell me, “What is doctrine?”


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  1. For me, and this is just me in many cases, “doctrine” is that solid ground you hold onto theologically in living life with Christ. It’s open for debate, for change, for finding better more solid ground. But at least it’s foundational enough to provide a framework for living out what it means to be a Christian. In that same vein, it’s not a tool to be used to label others as unbelievers, antichrists, etc. Good doctrine can always be better, and striving for that “better” is a part of it in the process.

    How’s that?

  2. What is doctrine? Interesting….

    I have had many people try to explain to me their doctrine and most of the time their ‘doctrine’ is nothing but tradition handed down from their particular denominational belief structure

    I believe that doctrine is the solid biblical foundation for your faith….Jesus Christ and Him crucified!

    How does Christ say we should live our life? What did He do? How did He live His life? After all…isn’t He supposed to be the example for us to follow? Aren’t we supposed to follow Him?

    A life in Christ is supposed to be a life of freedom…Unencumbered by the traditions of man.

  3. Doctrine a set of core beliefs, uncomprised beliefs derived from the Bible. For example we know there is only one God (Isaiah 44:6,8). False doctrine would be believing there is many gods. A good place to start would be to go to the following site, or check out the Westminster Shorter Catechism. I’m teaching it to my Sunday School class and its a good overview of what Christians believe. Learning about the faith we believe in and why can help make our faith firmer.

    Carm http://www.carm.org/

    Westminster Shorter Catechism (very good for devotionals)

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