God is pursuing you

The Bible is more about God pursuing us than it is about us pursuing God. It makes me wonder why we measure our spiritual journey and more often the spiritual journey of others based on how much they are “pursuing God.” Sounds like religious crap to me.

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2 thoughts on “God is pursuing you

  1. Its an error that some christians make. The Bible clearly teaches that we are not to follow any man and to examine ourselves and work out our salvation (I do not mean doing deeds, but doing a self examination of yourself in light of Scriptures). We have to learn about God not only in church but at home, and to grow and even enjoy Him through His grace and mercy.

    You cannot base your salvation on pure feeling but believe in it because it is truth. You made a question where you ask “Why am I a Christian?” Well I’m a Christian because God revealed to me that I was a sinner condemned to Hell because I broke his commandments but was gracious to send His Son to die for me. I believed in His grace and forgiveness so I surrendered myself to Him and now I’m saved. I see the evidence of His work in me in that I no longer intrested in sin but strive to be in communion with Him based on this act of grace.

  2. It seems, at some level. that this is a determination at the most basic level whether or not someone has decided to be a Christian at all. If it can be determined that an individual does not pursue God in any discernable fashion, there are necessarily some rather pertinent conclusions we can draw from said information… some folks are well versed in mouthing platitudes, but when the stuff hits the proverbial fan, we find out who our comrades-in-arms really are.

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