On Guilt and Redemption

So I was meeting with a guy today, starting a little weekly Bible study, and he made the comment something to the effect:

Guilt is always destructive

I confess I’m not a person who is all that guilt driven, and he added one other statement to differentiate guilt from something else but I was struck by this statement. What do you think?


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5 thoughts on “On Guilt and Redemption

  1. Joe…I think this statement is very true.

    Guilt will keep you up at night…make you misreable…make you paranoid.

    I truly found what the scripture means when it say…”the truth will make you free”.

  2. I’m not sure… seems to me that guilt is certainly always coercive, but is that always a bad thing? Perhaps a conscience would be incomplete without a little guilt.

    Does guilt, ultimately, not drive us to apologize to those we’ve wronged?

    I’ve been guilted into visiting my grandmother, but that doesn’t make it a bad thing that I went. If anything, I should have been willing to make that trip before guilt set in.

    I’m not saying that we should be driven by guilt, or that we should constantly cower under a cloud of guilt and shame. Our actions hopefully will not be chosen by guilt, but certainly at least conscience provides our own personal sense of context. Can we act in a truly objective manner? Don’t our perceptions, at the very basest level, set precedents in our own minds for right and wrong? Can we trust Christ to mold our hearts in such a way that equips us with the tools to make good decisions?

    Don’t take me too seriously, just more food for thought.

  3. Guilt, by and of itself, is most certainly destructive. Think of King Saul … many times he sinned, knowingly, against God and when confronted was remorseful and it is this guilty remorse that drove him to his end.

    As sinners, we are all guilty, yet if we repent, we can mend and we can be healed by the sanctification of the Lord Jesus. Though we do not necessarily escape the consequences of our sin in this life, we are guaranteed and promised a renewed life through the Cross.

    And a guilt that leads to repentance before the foot of the Cross can never end in destruction.

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