A Few Things I Learned Being On A Church Staff

After being on staff at a few different churches, both as a volunteer staff member and a full time staff member, I have learned a few things that I believe are paramount to being successful in ministry.

    1. If your heart and vision doesn’t match with theirs…get out quick!

    2. Always seek God’s heart and direction in everything you do!

    3. Make sure that you and the senior pastor see eye to eye on everything. (Don’t let anyone or anything sacrifice your meeting with the pastor frequently to make sure that you are both working from the same play book)

    4. Enter into every challenge with a meek and gentle attitude.

    5. Don’t ever let a problem fester. Take care of it quickly.

    6. Surround yourself with people of good character and integrity.

    7. Do everything with heart and excellence.

    8. If doing ministry has become a job…get out now!

    9. Don’t play politics….keep your integrity in tact.

    10. The person with the right skills and alot of talent is not always the right person for the job.

    11. Everyone deserves at least one second chance.

    12. Make sure you know where you are going, and that everyone else knows it too.

    13. Contrary to popular opinion…take it personally…give it all you have…hold nothing in reserve. God deserves your very best.

Are there some that I missed? Let us know what you think.


    14. Never stop learning.

About Jimmy Eldridge

I am a husband, a father, a son, a brother and most of all, a follower of our most gracious savior Christ Jesus. Who are you following?

10 thoughts on “A Few Things I Learned Being On A Church Staff

  1. Good post Jimmy,
    although I am not on staff, my wife is and I would add to that – always be ready to humble yourself and do whatever is needed, rather than what you think you should be doing…

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  3. I like what ChristianPF said – be humble. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that God is why you are there. Serving Him comes first.

  4. Redeemed,
    Humility can be a huge problem. I have seen some get that “Rock Star” mentality and forget that they are to be servant to the people…not the other way around.

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  6. Isn’t that the truth.

    I joked that the more I know the more I wish I didn’t know.

    It is sad to say but most churches are that way. Why is that I wonder? I dunno!

    I guess we just have to remember what and who we are doing it for.

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