Can we trust our feelings?

We are often told by the church not to trust our “feelings”.  The modern church’s penchant is to teach us to suppress our emotions and to distrust feelings.  For the modern church, the Christian life is approached often through reason and the mind.

Live out of the facts we are told.  Trust the head, not the heart.

But if we are to follow the logic implications of that way of thinking, are we then cutting off a significant way we experience Christ and the spiritual life?  These questions are addressed in Mathew Elliot’s new book, Feel.

Feel – The Power of Listening to Your Heart shares Mathew Elliot’s journey of years of intensive study.  He draws a practical map for understanding how God has created us to feel.

• Why does God care so much about the state of our hearts and feelings?

• How do emotions reflect the true depth and vitality of our spiritual lives?

• How can we learn to understand our emotions and through this learn to understand ourselves?

• How can we learn to live in and through and by our emotions?

• How can we become vibrant and joyful Christ-followers, letting our new heart guide us

to change our world for good?

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Bill Reichart is a pastor at Big Creek Church in Forsyth County, GA. He blogs at his personal blog, Provocative Church and his ministry blog, Ministry Best Practices.


3 thoughts on “Can we trust our feelings?

  1. I’m going to have to pick that up. For me, if it wasn’t for my feelings I wouldn’t be a Christian. There are still some of the “logic and reason” things I have trouble wrapping my head around.

    But I know what I felt, and that’s what changed me.

  2. Sounds suspicious. Sort of the Disney approach. Reminds me of how Mormons decide their beliefs are true–i.e., via a feeling rather than through objective, revealed truth.

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