Going to the next level

Hi, I’m Heather from A Deconstructed Christian.  Jimmy invited me to post this here.


I’ve decided. I’m going to the next level in God. I’m going to be empowered by an incredible, enthusiastic, visionary leader and take this city for Christ. I’m going to be a vibrant, passionate, charismatic believer who takes excellence seriously. I’m joining a vibrant, contemporary, growing church with a powerful message that impacts the world and has a vision statement that involves loving life, loving people and loving God. I’m getting connected to a small group that will move me into that next level and take me into the unknown, teaching me to drink that living water and walk by faith. I have a vision for this nation, I’m going to see revival sweep across this land.

Apologies to those who just choked on their coffee, but does any of that sound familiar?

These are words that echo in my mind. I used to love them, these broad sweeping christianese terms. They made me feel powerful and excited. They swept me up in emotion. They were often accompanied by music from the keyboard and shouts from the pulpit. They called me to action. Well, for a moment anyway. Then I had coffee.

Unfortunately, after all those years of proclamations, nothing changed. I didn’t change. I got whipped up into a frenzy, but I certainly didn’t impact anybody around me. I most definitely didn’t get to any “next level”. I really wonder what the “next level” is anyway. Is it like a coloured karate belt? A school diploma?

I also wonder what would actually have happened if I did instead of proclaimed. If I visited instead of excelled and gave that cup of water instead of drinking it myself.

I’m sure the lack of action can come down to my own decisions. After all, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. It just would have been nice to have an actual water trough in sight, though.


About Heather

I am a mother of two beautiful and fast-growing girls, a wife of a wonderful husband and a friend of some incredible people. I have been married since 1996. Since that time I have lived in various suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. I am first and foremost a Christ Follower.

5 thoughts on “Going to the next level

  1. There is only these two levels. Period.

    1) the repentant sinner level.
    2) the unrepentant sinner level.

    If anyone tells you differently, they’re trying to sell you something.

    So long as you actively work out your salvation (Phil 2:12) on the repentant sinner level, you will become an effective witness for God. After all, to be ‘repentant’ means to turn back/away from and then act.

  2. Heather,

    As I have already said….Great Post!

    Welcome to RelevantChristian.com….I hope to see many more posts from you.


  3. This is the difference between my son who is going to the school of ministry through our fellowship and me. On a regular basis he is experiencing teaching like you described and wondering why he doesn’t “feel” it as much as the others. I am reading books like IRRESISTABLE REVOLUTION and wondering why I’m not doing more. humm…

  4. Great post! For the last few years I have been thinking about why so many people don’t move forward in God. Why there are so many “compromising Christians”. And why so many people with good hearts have tried to make an impact on their community, but failed…

    I have narrowed it down to this:

    1. Many love the Lord, but aren’t truly in love with Him. Lack of the heart of God.

    2. They don’t truly understand the Message of the Cross, what Jesus did at Calvery. What they have been saved from and what they have been saved into.

    When those are missing, there will be no revolution in our lives or in our towns.

    Praise God for people who are willing to take up their cross!

  5. An experience many can identify with. This is why we Lutherans have weekly Confession and Absolution!

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