The Hard Road

I ran across this post today at Christianity X, which happens to be one of my favorite blogs, and thought it very appropriate to share with you here.

    “Christian’s fail. Christian’s stumble. Christian’s sin. Those are facts so paramount to our lives that they are often overlooked in the beginning. Some wear the “sin” badge as a way to paint themselves like everyone else, like the world – but few truly accept it as a fact in their lives. It doesn’t matter who you are, humans aren’t perfect and – dare I say – we don’t even possess the potential for perfection. So why try? We don’t. Christians don’t (or shouldn’t) ever try to be ‘perfect’, such an undertaking would drive a person insane. Instead, we do the best with what God gave us with the lack of perfection as a guiding rod which points to the need for salvation. Those who don’t believe have an easy life, no conviction and nothing to hold them accountable.” (read entire post here)

What are your thoughts?


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3 thoughts on “The Hard Road

  1. Because of what Jesus did at Calvary, we have the power to overcome. Too often we think we have to be perfect in order to overcome. It’s not about us being perfect, it’s about surrendering to Him and allowing the Lord to be perfect in us.

    Jesus didn’t die for us to walk in weak Christianity and praise God for that!

    We must never use grace or anything else as a license to sin.

  2. It’s really not about trying to be perfect because the bible is clear, no one is perfect (righteous), no one except Christ. However, our daily walk as Christians should be towards a goal – Christ-likeness, but of course we should also be aware that Christ is perfect and we can never be, but our imperfections are not excuses to keep falling short, otherwise, it becomes false Christianity. I don’t know, I just believe that Christianity means walking towards that and working for heavenly and eternal rewards, how can you do that if you keep on sinning though? Paul is right, perfection is in Christ being in us, all we can do to achieve that “perfection” is to surrender, accept Christ as our Lord and Saviour and work and walk in faith.

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