My Teenagers Have Sucked My Brain Dry!

Wow….what a learning experience this past month has been. My teenagers have completely sucked my brain dry!

All common sense has vanished. There is no reason to be found anywhere. What once was a vibrant, open mind, is now a shriveled up barren wasteland.

How did it come to this? How did such sweet playful little tikes, clinging to every word daddy said, turn into the mind sucking hellions that now reside in their bodies?

As I was thinking back on the events of the past month with my 18 year old…a thought struck me like a ton of bricks…”Oh my God….now I see what my Heavenly Father feels like when I do stupid stuff and make bad decisions”. It reminds me of the line from comedian Bill Cosby, “I brought you into this world, and I can sure take you out”. 🙂

I often wonder why God hasn’t wiped me off the face of the earth, dusted his hands, and said ‘forget it…this one is a lost cause’. The answer…He loves me. Plain and simple.

He loves me no matter how stupid I have been. He loves me no matter how many really stupid decisions I have made.

He knew me from before I was in my mothers womb. He knew what my tendancies would be. He knew how hard headed and stubborn I could be, and yet CHOSE to love me anyway.

As I told me son just last week as we were having a heated discussion about some behavioral issues, “I love you son, always have, and always will, no matter what you do…but please don’t ever do it again”!

How many times has our Heavenly Father said that to us?

I like to think about the story in the old testament when David, confronted by the prophet about his sin, is genuinely broken hearted and repents and the prophet responds, ‘He forgave you before you even asked’.

That’s mercy. That’s grace. That’s love. That’s our God!

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  1. Bill Cosby–one of my favorites!
    Boys 20, 18, 15 (almost 16), girls 13, and 2 (getting close to 3). We’re all crazy.

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