Relevant Christian Stud!

Ok, you can call me a Tim Keller groupie. I have been listening to Tim Keller for years. I can say that I listened to Tim Keller before Tim Keller was even “cool”.

There are many reasons why I appreciate this man and his ministry.  One of the reasons that I like Tim Keller is, because his winsome presentation and intellectual prowess, he has been able to go where many Christians aren’t being invited.

Keller has just written a book, The Reason for God. (to read a good outline of the book, go here for an excellent synopsis.) This book has been opening up tremendous opportunities for Keller to take God and the gospel into the offices of Google and into the halls of Berkley.

Too often we (and the world) see Christians acting like a bunch of ignorant and naive buffoons. That is why we should be very encouraged when a person of faith is engaging and creating conversation with our culture. Tim Keller is a great example of what it looks like for a person of faith to be relevant within the culture. If you are unfamiliar with Keller, I invite you to take a look at the resources below.

Here is Tim Keller at Google:

Here are sermons that dovetail with his book The Reason for God.

Here are more Tim Keller’s “The Reason for God” tour video. You can tune into these videos of Keller speaking at Berkley, Sanford, MIT, and NorthWestern.

And in order to totally satisfy your Tim Keller fix, make sure to stop by Steve McCoy’s Tim Keller Resource page.

Bill Reichart is a pastor at Big Creek Church in Forsyth County, GA. He blogs at his personal blog, Provocative Church and his ministry blog, Ministry Best Practices.


2 thoughts on “Relevant Christian Stud!

  1. Don’t you think the audience is a bit more hostiled there? Computer people (I work in the IT industry) are often that way…

  2. Perhaps, but I think that is the point- Keller is able to go into hostile or skeptical environments and yet gain a listening with the audience.

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