Passionate Belief

Ok…I can tell that I was ‘full-time’ staff at a church for waaaaaayyyy too long.

I spent the weekend in Nashville at a business meeting and expo for the company I work for. As I listened to the different speakers, all who read their entire presentation from a teleprompter, I was thinking…”Oh My God…what have I gotten myself into?”

As I sat and listened to some of the speeches, most of them quoting the same ‘company line’, I caught myself thinking, “Where is the passion?” “I hear you quoting the line, over and over, and you are trying to sell me on it, but are YOU passionate about what you are trying to get me to be passionate about?”

Later that evening as I was reflecting on the day, it suddenly came to me. “Holy crap….how many times have I done that for the sake of ‘ministry? How many times have I tried to get people to be passionate about what I SAID I was passionate about? How many times did the people see that my heart wasn’t in it, and therefore they didn’t buy into what I was selling?”

As I was talking with my lovely wife last night, it came up in discussion what the pastor of a church I used to be on staff at always said, “fake it till you make it”. After that quote rolled off my tongue I realized just how wrong that phrase is. We shouldn’t have to ‘fake’ it…if we have to fake it…we are in the wrong business. I realized right then that my thinking was all screwed up and it needed to change.

I have to passionately believe what I am selling. It has to be deeply embedded in my heart and not just etched on my brain. I has to come from the soul and not just roll from the lips.

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4 thoughts on “Passionate Belief

  1. Thank you. Seriously, thank you. Let’s keep pursuing this truth. “Live up to what you have already obtained” humm…

  2. True! Keeping the passion of why we do what we do is so important. I usually can’t hang around the phonies but making it’s probably more important to make sure that I am not phonie too! thanks for the insight!

  3. Great point. In my profession I’ve caught myself doing the same thing instead of just showing and working till my employees feel my passion. Same with Christ. I want to do this and that in my community, but am I passionate enough about being a Christian to sell it.

  4. Dom,

    It is so easy to fall into the trap of ‘going thru the motions’. I found myself doing it as well even in ministry…that is a very dangerous thing.

    I think maybe that is why people, especially in ministry, go thru burn out…they have lost the passion…hmmmm…doesn’t the scripture mention something about coming back to your first love? 🙂

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