There is NO “Easy Button” in the Christian Life

“It’s_just_that_easy”? Is it? Yes of course the invitation of Jesus -that we would cling to the cross and put our trust in Him – is easy and simple. But a couple of days ago, Lauren and I had a couple over for dinner and they weren’t experiencing “easy”. Right now, they are going through a hard time in their personal life. And as we were talking through some of their challenges and even sharing the challenges we’ve faced in our faith and life, someone made the point that- too bad growing in our faith doesn’t come with an easy button.It seems as if it often takes hard, difficult and challenging times in order to bring about significant spiritual transformation. There is no easy button that a person can push to become more Christ-like. In fact it is just the opposite. Too often it requires going through the crucible of life and coming face to face with times that can be “dark nights of the soul.”

Yes coming to Jesus is easy, as Peter said to the crowds in Jerusalem, “Repent and Believe”, but walking with Jesus and being conformed into His image isn’t. There is no EASY BUTTON. But thankfully that by His grace and work of His Spirit that it is POSSIBLE.

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Bill Reichart is a pastor at Big Creek Church in Forsyth County, GA. He blogs at his personal blog, Provocative Church and his ministry blog, First Impressions .


3 thoughts on “There is NO “Easy Button” in the Christian Life

  1. Bill, How true it is. Alot of people think that becoming or being a Christian will fix all of life’s problems, or make everything so easy. Wrong!

    As it has so aptly been put….Life Happens.

  2. What you say is so very true. And, unfortunately, I think that’s the thing that keeps a lot of people from seeking a real relationship with GOD.

    As Jesus explained to his disciples in the parable of the sower, if you don’t have deep faith in GOD and HIS word, then it’s easy for the cares of this world to drag you away.

    So many newbies think becoming a ‘Christian’ will solve all of their problems – no my friends, your problems may just be beginning. The minute you sincerely sign up with Christ Jesus, you’re enemy number one to Satan. Now, of course GOD protects HIS people. But we are humans in the world, so we must be tried by the fire. It becomes an uphill battle… and it may be hard, but there is pleasure in it, too. You grow in faith, and love for your GOD and appreciation of what Jesus the Christ did for you.

    – Theist @

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