The following post is one that came from a comment on one of my favorite blogs. When I first read it, it struck me so much that I saved it to my desktop to go back and read when I needed it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    If Rebel is what you are labeled when you don’t want to bow to certain HUMAN preferences elevated to the moral imperative… then I’m glad to be one.

    If being a Rebel means I no longer acknowledge the institutional gate keepers who have no real ecclesiastical authority other than tenure at some trade school for pastors posing as a place of theological education…. then I’m glad to be one.

    If being a Rebel means I’m allowed to disagree according to the dictates of my conscience…then praise God for it.

    If being a rebel means that my and my friend’s actions garner a reaction that exposes the heart of people and their fear of loss of control…then tattoo it on my forehead.

    (I’m so proud to be one because our actions have disclosed the bankruptcy of Christians who show their devotion by their anger.)

    If being a rebel means that those who have wielded control in our churches by putting everyone else on the defensive with finger pointing and image driven stinking piousness are now being questioned….I’ve done the Church a service.

    If being a rebel even means destroying some people’s confidence in the institutional church (because FOR SOME it is the only means for them) to get them off their rear ends and BE the Church…then I’m unrepentant and proud of my “rebellion”.

    If people actually shut their mouths and listened you’d see, even in the people with whom you strongly disagree, a deep desire to be faithful… that’s not rebellion to God or the Bible… but it might be rebellion to people who don’t deserve my loyalty or my “follower-ship”.

    It might be rebellion to others imposing their middleclass social respectability posing as Gospel living.

    It might be rebellion to a life of dishonest hidden-ness.

    It might be rebellion to the idea that local churches are places for Christians to hide and “gut it out” until the end.

    It might be rebellion to continue hiding in our “god-buildings” assuring ourselves of our safety, and the good news of our own righteousness.

    It might be rebellion to a culture of shame and repression.

    And all of those things deserve deconstruction and destruction. All of those things merit revolt. All of those things should, frankly, make a faithful Christian go anabolic because it represents the betrayal of the gospel and the same sin of ancient Israel who navel-gazed, kept some external laws, but was deeply and profoundly lost.

    I’d rather follow a guy who is honest about his faults, lives openly as he repents and converts, who occasionally cusses and enjoys a beer, but has a heart for the lost and is actually sharing the gospel…. than some self righteous know it all pastor with a bad haircut and an ill fitting suit who thinks he’s some kind of defender of the faith because the hill they die on is 19th C. revivalist hymn-singing, not going to movies and not drinking. (for starters)

    No other law, but love. No other hope, but Christ. No other truth, but God alone.

    Author: Unknown

I wish I could remember who wrote this. I thought I saved the authors name and when I realized that I hadn’t, I could no longer find the post. If you happen to be or know the author, please let me know and I will gladly attach their name.


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  1. I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

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