Does God Really Care?

The question of a wounded heart. The question of a broken man. The question of a weary soul. The question I have often pondered myself.

Does God Really Care?

I was raised to know the answer to that question, to be able to spout the answer without thinking. After all, I didn’t want to be a Doubting Thomas. In the ‘religious’ circles I was raised in we didn’t speak doubt…we ALWAYS had to speak the positive. But I have to admit…in the back of my mind…at times….still…that nagging question.

Does God Really Care?

As I look back now on the times when I have asked that question…the answer has always been a resounding YES! It may not have been visible right away, but it has always been evident upon reflection.

Isaiah points out that Jesus is ‘aquainted with our grief’ and that He ‘carries our sorrows’. He knows EXACTLY how we feel in those moments….He has been there. Even in those times when we feel alone, He is always with us.

In the old testament we see examples of the Israelites building altars as reminders of deliverance, salvation, or the goodness of God. So we too should look back to those altars of rememberance in our lives when God has delivered, saved, or shown His goodness to us.

It is on reflection of the stories of old and in reflection of our own lives that we see His caring hand….His unwavering love….His unending mercy.

It is on reflection of the price He paid on a cross that we see the ultimate example of His unconditional love for us.

Does God Really Care? YES…without a doubt!


About Jimmy Eldridge

I am a husband, a father, a son, a brother and most of all, a follower of our most gracious savior Christ Jesus. Who are you following?