Awaken The Giant Killer

Are you a little like me?  You have ebbs and flows to your spiritual life.  You know times when you are gung-ho all out, and then times you may be a little off and laid back.

I have always felt a little to the character of David in the bible.  I like movies like Gladiator and 300.  My favorite music is praise and worship.  When I was a little younger I used to love to dance before the Lord undignified style.

Lately though I think I have felt more like the David that hid in the caves.  I have let people, pastors, churches and everything define me and make me to feel like I will never amount to anything in ministry.

When I get like that, (Come on you mean you have never felt that way too!!!) I usualy pray a little prayer that begins to stir me up.

Lord, awaken the giant killer in me.

If you feel boxed in today, pray that prayer.  If you feel a little down lately, pray that prayer.  If you feel that you can’t face life anymore, PRAY THAT PRAYER.

Go ahead…don’t wait…don’t hesitate.  Scream it out and….

Let God Awaken The Giant In You!!!!!

Jason Curlee is the Lead Pastor of Life Church in Corpus Christi, TX, a church launching in 2008.  You can read more from him at Making Difference Makers and at his Personal Blog.


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2 thoughts on “Awaken The Giant Killer

  1. Jason,

    “Lately though I think I have felt more like the David that hid in the caves”

    I know I have had times when I felt like that. I actually just went thru that kind of period….it lasted longer than I wanted it to.

    Great post.

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