Calvanists, Arminians, Emergents, Fundamentalists…So Who’s Right?

Who cares?

I will trust the Holy Spirit to lead me and guide me into all truth.

Interesting concept huh?



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22 thoughts on “Calvanists, Arminians, Emergents, Fundamentalists…So Who’s Right?

  1. thats very nice and sounds really appealing but it is a terrible trap. this attitude of “lets throw out doctrine and just hug eachother” is an anti-christian mentality. please watch this clip….

    grace and peace

  2. Thank you Daniel for proving my point.

    In watching this video…if you pay close attention…this is what he says at 1:26;

    “If anyone tells you that their creeds, confessions and or catechisms, or really any writings or statements of man, are to be treated with greater or even equal authority to the Word of God, then of this you can be sure…they have strayed into significant error in their understanding of God, and the things of God. Because there is only one source of infallible truth, Holy Scripture itself.”

    That is what I am talking about.

    I don’t care what you have to say, Rick Warren, Ken Silva, John Spurgeon, Calvin, Wesley or anyone else…

    Pay close attention to this… IF YOU CANNOT BACK IT UP WITH SCRIPTURE…SHUT UP!

    The bible is the only TRUTH that is needed.

  3. that isnt the point of the video. in fact, it is trying to show how creeds and christians of the past ARE IMPORTANT. that part of the video is only warning people that creeds are not infallible like scripture is.

  4. The tricky part of all this is that anybody who professes to be a Calvinist, Arminian, or Fundamentalist would argue that they are following the bible and that the other party has misinterpreted it. So the creeds, confessions, statements of faith, or catechisms are their way of articulating what they believe the Bible is saying (they do this because quoting the bible would take too long–There’s no other way to do it). These people would also argue that they too believe that the Holy Spirit guided them.

    Over time, as we read the Bible, we begin to form our own way of understanding the character of God and and His actions. We form a set of beliefs. Maybe they line up with the Calvinist or Arminian view or maybe they don’t. So whether you have a name for it or not, you have a theological lens that you’ve put together as you read the Bible.

    I write all this to say that people who say “the Bible is the only Truth” don’t realize how easy it is to interpret or understand different scriptures. These people don’t realize how two people can look at one scripture and walk away with completely different views.

    I agree with the original post in that we need to trust the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but it also wouldn’t hurt to study the different theological perspectives to understand the different areas that you’ve been influenced by other’s interpretations.

  5. Daniel and Jake,

    I can understand what you are saying.

    Here is the real problem I have….the non stop arguing about who is right and who is wrong…and then having the audacity to say that because I may not believe like they do I am not a Christian…or call me a heretic.

    I am not for the…as you said Daniel, “lets throw out doctrine and just hug each other” type Gospel.

    The real danger to true Christianity is when we spend more time arguning about whether or not Calvin or Luther is right, rather than being an example of Christ’s love to the world.

  6. i’m of the “don’t care” variety

    there is too much bullcrap out there.

    as i’m reading the epistles, i keep seeing paul beat this dead horse to death, “you guys need to stop bickering and arguing over words and get along with each other in unity.” (my paraphrase)

    don’t beleive me? read the epistles.

  7. I’ve thought about such issues a lot, particularly along the lines of divine election, and have reached my own conclusions that don’t officially line up with any particular group. I tend to reach Calvinist conclusions for nearly Arminian reasons, if you will. And I think that to reach these conclusions, even if those conclusions and views eventually change, is of utmost importance in our walk with Christ. That is to say, to meditate on God’s nature is a form of intellectual worship which should not be neglected, and to debate and discuss his nature with other Christians is to worship corporately.

    Of course, things must be kept in the proper perspective. We must not allow our differences to divide us, and we must not bicker, but I know from firsthand experience that it is entirely possible to debate doctrine without causing division. For example, I am currently at Asbury College, a school that takes pride in its tradition of “Wesleyan-Holiness Arminian” tradition. However, I do not identify with any part of that tradition, though many who go here do. I lean Calvinist (the term I’ve adopted is Post Calvinist, actually), but several of the people I regularly discuss theology with are hardcore Arminians, along with a few Pseudo Arminians, a hardline Calvinist, and a Molinist. We all are capable of discussing and debating while still keeping a Christian love for each other, and we are all capable of studying the Scriptures together without condemning one another.

    Yes, it is important to love one another, but I would suggest that if we can’t discuss the finer points of our doctrine without bickering, we don’t truly love at all.

  8. have I mentioned that I enjoy your blog.*

    *-This is my attempt to stop bickering and do a good deed of love. 🙂

    I wasn’t being sarcastic when i said I enjoyed your blog. I meant it.

  9. I can see a few different sides of this discussion. I like to think I am open minded. 🙂
    Jacob…I agree with you that the bickering needs to stop. When the argument overshadows the word and the base of said argument is on what Calvin or Luther or anyone else said…it is off. The scripture is the ONLY truth….and we must endeavor to know it more.

    Jake…thanks for the compliment…we will hopefully begin having alot more posts in the very near future.

    Mulledvine…thanks for stopping by…I enjoy your blog.

  10. I dont know what i believe, sorry for interrupting, is that we are at an age where we are with the pharisee’s of old that they were all over the place creating doctrines false gospels false everything. And Jesus kinda kicked them in the behind for that. What Jesus said was leave everything and follow me.
    so i guesss dont put God in a box of what he is and what he isnt what he is doing with his people and what he is not… we dont know God but we will if we leave everything and follow him.

  11. I am a calvinist and I say that only to say, if any of you have read about the reformation and church history ( not to say that you hav’nt) then you would understand the reality of the doctrine and the necessity to view God as wholly sovereign. I would encourage you all who say that doctrine is unimportant to delve into the real facts and look up the root of arminianism and where it stemmed from and how it was called to be heresy at the Synod of Dort. I say all this out of love and to encourage brothers to come to understand the importance of seeing our true nature, in relationship to God’s perfect holy will.

  12. That’s all well and fine..and thank you for sharing.

    I had a die hard lutheran tell me just a while back that I need to read the Concord to truly understand…..

    Here is my point….I don’t need the book of Concord or the teachings of Calvin, or Luther or anyone else to know and understand what the Bible says or know that God is sovereign.

    My Christianity is based on faith…’if any believe’…I believe it because the Bible says it.

    If the Bible says that God spoke thru a donkey…then I believe it. (I started to say that I have actually seen it but….) 🙂

  13. I am wholly reliant on the inerrant word of God to be the answer to all questions, that is undeniable. I am a young man and God has told us in proverbs we are to seek wise counsel. I implore you not to seek salvation from the words of luther or calvin, rather take our elder brothers in christ and their words of wisdom from spending a lifetime walking in truth and use their example to spurn on your relationship with Christ and your pursuit of holiness in the Lord. But always hold every word as it pertains to God up to the lens of scripture and make sure they are in accordance. And my statement pertains not to those who really understand the truth of our salvation but to those who have been mislead and think that we can come to God on our own.

  14. Devon,

    I am with Joe on your last comment….what are you trying to say?

    I have been accused at times of being ‘thick’…can you explain so my ‘thick’ head will understand?

  15. I guess to put it simply, Calvin and Luther are not special outside of the fact that they put into the mainstream what Augustine and others had been believing for centuries. The whole point is that outside of God’s glorious grace we can have no salvation, neither could we accept it without being regenerated first. Sorry for the bable just very adamant about this topic.

  16. Gracious grace? Besides being redundantly redundant (come on, that’s funny) I’m not sure any of us are saying those guys are special. As far as what happens first, regeneration or salvation; well let’s be honest that has been debated for a rather long time.

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