The Health of Today’s Church

There is much discussion about the health of the church in America…and quite frankly most of it has not been good.

I have been reading a book lately titled “Escape From Church, Inc.” and have found a lot of great nuggets of wisdom here.

Over the next little while I am going to share some of those nuggets from this little book.

    “…gimmicks and strategies and visions and programs change everytime there is a change in leadership.
    I want to make it clear that I am not opposed to developing a specific vision for your area, a vision that reflects your community’s uniqueness and diversity. But I insist that something permanant, solid, and unchanging must be at the core of any vision. Our churches will never succceed simply by latching on to every hot new program that comes around.
    I fully agree that our churches need visionary leadership, but I think the overarching vision must be the Lord’s vision for his people.
    If we go back to the very beginning, back to the Lord’s bedrock idea for his people, back to the Bible’s fundamental plan for the church, what do we find? We find shepherds and sheep.
    In essence, what all the polls tell us about men and women longing for relationships, searching for family, and seeking community, is that people need still waters. They need some green pastures. They need their souls restored.”



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3 thoughts on “The Health of Today’s Church

  1. Quite true, all of it. In fact we needn’t even bother referring to the popular opinion polls to tell us the truth of what God’s Word says that sinners need. As the book says, the fact that visions and strategies change with every change of leadership is a serious problem. It speaks of a cult of personality in such churches, which again comes from a highly individualistic approach to church. There’s nothing stable and over-arching to cling to; there are people being tossed to and fro on a sea of their pastor’s latest program idea or the latest offering from the mega-church pastor at the top of the Christian best-seller list. A true problem indeed.

  2. Beth,

    I think to say that differences in leadership equates to a “cult of personality” is a bit much.

    I think you miss the point of the post here…there is nothing wrong with doing church differently, with having “a vision that reflects your community’s uniqueness and diversity”, as long as the bedrock of the church’s vision is the scripture.

    You will not find any two churches anywhere that are the same, have the same leadership, or do things the same way.

    Everybody is different…you and I are different…and we will have different approaches to leadership…and there is nothing wrong with that. That is the way God made us…we are individualistic.

  3. I’d like to differentiate between the Health of the Church, and Health of the Pastors. I find that, much of the time, the pastors are the problem. I think that, often, the church would be doing just fine if the pastors would quit mucking it up.

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