Sharing Christ With the World

Jesus said it best when he said in Matthew “Go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyone you find.” This is evangelism at it’s purest. One translation says to ‘compel them to come in’.

Unfortunately, we as modern day Christians, have forgotten how to ‘compel’ people to come to Christ. We have relegated the role of evangelism to the Church. We figure that if we simply invite them to come, we will let the Church take care of the rest.

Travis Johnson had this to say in a fine article he posted on his blog recently;

    “…simply inviting people to church cuts Jesus working through you out of the picture and casts too much responsibility on the corporate gathering of the church to share the grace of Jesus with the world.

    We are to live among people and allow Jesus to live through us in the neighborhood, where people can see, hear, and experience the Jesus living inside of us. It is not good enough to let our life speak for Jesus but, we must make sure our lives show a visible image of Jesus and that our mouths and words are congruent with what we feel on the inside and how we live on the outside.

    Sharing the grace of Jesus should be natural. It should be a normal part of who we are. We don’t have to be insincere or put on some type facade of “Churchianity.” We simply need to look for natural opportunities to talk about who we are, who Jesus is, and how good He has been in us as we do life in the neighborhood.

    I have found that sharing my story is powerful and irrefutable. We can find many reasons to critique why we should not believe the Gospel of Jesus, though our arguments are all invalid. But, no one can take our experience from us. It is impossible to deny what has been experienced.”

Read the entire article here.


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  1. Hello Jimmy,

    First time to your site and right away I read a good post. It’s really about the heart speaking. When Christ has gripped your heart, all you have to do is bare your heart and the Gospel is shared.


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