GOD In A Box!


Why do we insist on putting God in a box? Why do we continually limit what WE think He can do? Why do WE consistantly tell Him what He can or cannot use or work thru?

I personally refuse to limit God’s scope of what He wants to use or do. However He wants to speak is fine with me. I figure if He can speak thru a donkey, He can speak thru modern culture, movies, music and anything else He wants to.

It’s just a thought.


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8 thoughts on “GOD In A Box!

  1. We put God in a box and limit Him in our lives when our starting point is with us. We put ourselves 1st. Our intelligence. Our experience. Our standard ways of doing things.

    When we apply faith and let go, then he can work through us and even speak to us. We need to die to ourselves and he will be exalted. “The seed (of self) must die.”

    This is what we tend to fail in. And God remains in the ‘proverbial box’.

  2. Does this include the message too?

    If so, could it be that such a sentiment, while aiming at exalting the power of God to work in different ways, has a dangerous aspect to it as it welcomes the watering down of the Gospel message? For example, it could suggest to some folks that “what” we say is not all that important. Perhaps then repentance could be left out when we evangelize, or Christ’s resurrection. Does it lead to the thinking that a guy holding up a “John 3:16” sign at a football game is just as effective of a tool in the hands of God as someone who hands someone a well written tract?

    On the extreme end, I heard TD Jakes on the radio say that Jesus’ words “and I have other sheep” was a reference to saved Muslims.

    The Gospel message in all of it’s purity is so very important. Perhaps it should be in a biblical “box”.

  3. Jim,

    No…I am not talking about the message. I in no way advocate the watering down of the gospel. If you would read any of my posts here on this blog and others you would know that.

    The problem with most fundamentalists as they/you have been tagged, is that they seemingly forget that God can use whatever means He deems necessary to speak to someone, and that He can also speak to them wherever He chooses.

    I have a friend of mine who had God speak to him at an Iron Maiden concert….he said it scared him to death…and he dropped to his knees right there and asked God to forgive him…he left the concert right then and is still living for God today.

    Divine appointment or hogwash? I choose to believe divine appointment.

  4. Oh, that’s good that we are on the same page about the message then.

    Your friend would be an interesting test case. Of course, there’s no way to know what was going on in his heart or head, but I assume that you agree that in that Iron Maiden concert – whatever spoke to him would have needed to bring him to a place in which he came to grips with his sinfulness, his lost condition, and with the resurrected Jesus as defined by the bible as the answer to his desperate state before God. Does that line up with your friend’s account of what happened that night (if you know)?

    The Mormons often have heart warming stories of Jesus entering their heart and a “burning in the bossom”. And yet, they don’t believe in the biblical Christ. So something about your friend’s Iron Maiden concert experience would seem to need to go beyond that.

    Perhaps you and I agree on all of this.

  5. Wow. Very interesting. I have heard some first hand accounts of what God has done with people in all kinds of “crazy” situations and circumstances. One happens to be my Pastor. He was saved in a recording studio while under the influence of a controlled substance and this happened decades ago. He lives for Christ today and I would say he has impacted many lives with the message of the Gospel.
    We just can’t put God in a “human mind” box. We often try but He can do so much more than what we can think or even begin to comprehend and He can do it by whatever means He wants.
    Isaiah Chapter 40 and Psalm 104 come to mind when I think about God and how awesome He is. Whew!

  6. Stevester:

    Are you addressing that to my remarks about the message, or to the article itself? Do you agree that the message needs to be in some kind of a box?

    And really, all of us have God in various boxes. He can’t lie, He can’t cease to exist, He can’t not know something. He can’t change. He is bound by his own moral nature.

    I don’t doubt that your pastor could get saved in a crazy situation, but I do doubt that He could have got saved there without the Gospel. You didn’t specify the message that He was converted through, so maybe you could share that part.

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