Steven Curtis Chapman…still going strong!

Every once in a great while an artist will rise up that transcends time and continues to make an impact in their industry for many years. Steven Curtis Chapman is such an artist.
With the much awaited release of his 16th album on October 23rd, Chapman has once again ‘hit the nail on the head’.

    As an artist that has cultivated his passionate artistry in the hearts of listeners for two decades, Steven Curtis Chapman prepares to release his sixteenth studio album and first new project in more than three years on Oct. 23.

    The studio release from the five-time Grammy Award recipient and record-holding Dove Award winner is titled This Moment. Throughout the album, Chapman captures the vital importance of embracing the “Miracle of the Moment” – the title of the first single.

    Sharing the thematic foundation for This Moment, Chapman said, “I want to remind people that God is more concerned with our day-to-day than we might think.

    “He is not just in the valley or on the mountaintop. He’s on the straight open road, too. I hope we can begin to really experience what He’s doing in this moment,” the award-winning artist expressed.
    [The Christian Post]

Chapman continues to make music that is relevant to everyday Christian life…and it is definitely worth listening to.


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