Homosexuality and the Church…

This post on the New Life Christian Fellowship Blog is very thought provoking.  Thanks Terry Storch for the link.  This issue is a lightning rod in Christian Circles and will probably rise to become the most polarizing issue in our country in the next 10 years.  I thought about it more today when someone who attends my church asked how to share Christ with their atheist gay friend.  My response was love them and be their friend – NO MATTER WHAT.    It references a book I have not read that I probably should sometime.  Thought’s about the article?


8 thoughts on “Homosexuality and the Church…

  1. wow – I agree!! Probably the kindest, most honest, most biblical thing I’ve ever read on this topic…

    well done

  2. Thanks for the link.

    I agree, I thought the post was amazing and very thought provoking as well. My prayer is the it is action provoking…well beyond just thoughts….

    Have a great day.

  3. Nice post to a great article. I always wondered- what makes one persons sins less/more than an others? Nothing was the answer I seemed to have learned through God’s Holy Scriptures.

  4. Well put Terry.

    That has always puzzled me as well. We can speak out easily against homosexuality but we sometimes remain silent on what we consider ‘lesser’ evils.

  5. All sin is forgiven through faith and works accept those sins against God’s Holy Ghost or Spirit. See Matthew 12:31-32.

  6. Great post.
    My initial reaction towards this topic was always of anger. But this post clearly tells me that i should hate “the sin” and not “the sinner”.

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