The Value Of Online Discernment Ministries!!

I actually wrote this post earlier this week. This is a cut and paste from my own personal blog, but as some of our new readers are coming here to us via an ODM (Read the post) I wanted you to know the value to ODM’s. We love ’em.

Bulleted Blogging Tonight. (I’m tired and it has been a LONG day)

  1. Online discernment ministry gets all fired up over a certain blogger.
  2. Said Online discerment ministry writes a nasty post about said blogger.
  3. Said online discernment ministry (henceforth known as ODM) links to said blogger.
  4. I read silly commentary, and laugh.
  5. I click on link.
  6. Sometimes I get involved in discussion in comments section
  7. I find a new blog that I love. This is how I found  Relevant Christian (a webpage I now contribute to)
  8. I laugh again at ODM and thank God they led me to a great new page. Someday I will have to make a list of all the Blogs I’ve found thanks to someone writing a “hell, fire and brimstone” review of them
  9. One of those “said bloggers” is named Stuart Delony
  10. If you are looking to add a new blog to your daily reading. Click here and ask yourself, “Are you a fake priest?

Thanks again guys (and lady).


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8 thoughts on “The Value Of Online Discernment Ministries!!

  1. So, what exactly is different in this post from anything posted at those “ODMs”? This is nasty and mean-spirited which is what you accuse those blogs (that you reference all the time) of. How are you any different? You just think you’re different because you aren’t being judgmental. That was sarcasm, in case you didn’t get it. Grow up. If you want to be a relevant christian, preach the saving message of the gospel of Christ. If you want to truly make a difference, focus on Christ, drop the mockery and sarcasm. If thos ODM blogs are so bad, they will drop by the wayside and no one will care anyway.

  2. Jim…I am confused…where is there anything in this post that is ‘mean and nasty’?

    It was a light hearted poke of fun…yes at the expense of said ODM’s


  3. Ah Jim,
    Way to play the ole’ grow up card. Sarcasm is sin. Here’s a tip bud. I didn’t link the ODM’s. This article points out that they have helped me to find some cool sites. If you don’t like that fact, I really could care less. The truth is because of them I have found quite a few good sites. Does that bother you? Don’t come back here, I’d be cool with that. If you don’t like sarcasm, don’t read the last couple chapters of JOB. Make sure to just read Job’s friends b/c they sound a lot like you.
    BTW, if you are out preaching the saving message of Christ. Bless you. Oh yeah, send my your address and I’ll send you an entire year of sermons I preached.

  4. BTW Jim,
    You used sarcasm in your comment to me, but then told me I have to drop it, if I want to be relevant. I know you had to explain your sarcasm (which my momma used to say meant it wasn’t all that good) but it does lead me to wonder about your position. Based on your post, I can only assume that one of the following of you must be true:

    1. You’re not interested in being a truly relevant Christian who preaches the saving message of Jesus.
    2. You skipped logic class in college and are married/related to one of the main contributers at an ODM.
    3. You’re just angry because of something that has nothing to do with me and you just took it out on me.

    Jim, Have a great day. Relax a little, and realize that a little fun is ok.

  5. Jimmy, this post may not be “mean and nasty”, but you’ve done others that are. This post is just mockery.
    Joe, why do you say sarcasm is a sin? Coming from a person who has no problems with vulgar language, always trying to get those who oppose that sort of thing, always forcing people to “prove it”, well, prove sarcasm is a sin.
    You utterly and completely misjudged me by one little blog comment, probably the first one you have read of me. You claim I’m not interested in preaching the saving message of Jesus, you claim I skipped a logic class, and you claim I’m angry at something that has nothing to do with you.
    Wrong on all counts.
    The saving message of Jesus is the only message I’m interested in.
    Philosopical Logic isn’t required in engineering degrees. Practical logic is.
    I’m not angry at something else. Well, actually, I am. I’m sick and tired of people like you claiming that people like me (people who happen to agree with Slice, Ken Silva, et al) are people to be mocked and made fun of.
    I don’t agree with every single thing Ingrid, Ken, whoever writes. I’ve disagreed with them. But, I happen to think they’re doing their best for God in whatever they do. I also believe that you believe you’re doing your best for God. The fact is that when Slice (Ken, whoever) descends into a screed against something, they use scripture to back it up. Sometimes they go too far, and get carried away with the vitriol. I agree that it happens. On the flip side of that coin, when you guys get angry, you go to sneering and mockery. When you use scripture, you very often put your feelings ahead of that scripture. You tend to ignore centuries of accepted translation and rely on some modern thinkers thoughts on the subject.
    My point is, how is what you do any different from what you claim Slice, etc. is doing. They use straight ahead (perceived as) angry tones. You use mockery and sneering. You perceive Slice as angry, I perceive you as mockers. What’s the difference?
    If discernment is so bad, God will put it right.
    BTW, Joe Martino, voice tones do a lot to convey sarcasm. So, since I explained it to you, was it because it was bad sarcasm, or because you couldn’t hear the tone of voice? Perhaps, if you could hear Ingrid and Ken as they cry out to God, you would realize that they are really caring, loving people who only care about God’s work, and the anger is at those who don’t seem to care by spreading a false gospel. Perhaps, if they could hear you as you cry out to God, they would realize that your mockery is just a cover for insecurity, covering your fear that maybe, just maybe one of those comments you didn’t like was a Word from God meant directly for you.

  6. Ok, WHOA! You need to go back and read the post. If you want I can cut and paste quote you. You implied that sarcasm is sin. I was saying that you were saying that to me. You are the one that said, if I want to be relevant I need to drop the sarcasm. after you used sarcasm. I thought that was funny. So, I took that “logic” and wrote a tongue in cheek response to you with three bullet points.
    You obviously have an agenda, that I am not going to agree with and our humor is not on the same page. The truth is your comment(s) are the one’s that are full of judgmental, neo-fundamentalist garbage. Look at your last paragraph. You’re attempting to insult me, and yet you bless me. You admit that perhaps Ken and Ingrid need to hear me cry out to God. Defend them if you wish, that is your prerogative.
    I have benefited greatly from them. I have found at least 15 different websites that I really enjoy because they (or others like them) were ranting against the website.
    Now, either tone down your crap, or take a Valium, I’m tired of people coming here and being all judgmental and then when we respond, they play the same old tired 8 track.
    As you said, if we are wrong, then let us be we’ll fall by the wayside.
    As for your last statement, I’ll not even dignify that with a response. I will help though, if you let me know the city you live in, I’ll look up a good anger management counselor for you.
    Oh! One more thing, Jimmy didn’t write this, I did so don’t go dragging him through your crap.

  7. Dear Sir,

    Below I have provided a link to a PDF file which very simply explains why speaking in tongues has ceased. I have used this chart many times in kindly debate with Pentecostals and Charismatics and have found that they are unable to give a Scriptural refutation because of the simplicity of the argument, which is mostly plain logic. Please pass it on to whoever you feel may benefit from it.

    My web site is at

    The PDF can be obtained from;
    or the KJV version at

    God bless,

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