There is a party – you are invited. (updated)

I deleted the original contents of this post.  The real party is in heaven over sinners who repent and that is our ONLY mission.


3 thoughts on “There is a party – you are invited. (updated)

  1. AAaaaww, I was just about to join the party! Especially the “surfing the internet on your company’s dime” part! I’m ready to be stoned!!

  2. I’ve just skim through the ‘party’ and have to admit, very entertained. I’m sure God too, who sent His Son to die for us in humility and curse, by hung on a tree, would be ‘entertained’ as well to see ‘His Body’ ‘partying’ together 😉 . Phew, enough sarcasm for the day!

    PS: Good move, now I think of it, stopping this ‘party’ is probably the most loving move we can make (subjective opinion of course)

  3. Dave….I am so sorry that there are people who claim to be Christians that will attack a fellow brother in Christ over something as silly as calling your wife ‘hot’.

    And for the record…I think my wife is ‘hot’ too…and I tell her that all of the time.


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