Have You Heard ‘The Call’?

According to the website www.thecall.com

“It’s no secret that the Church has been paralyzed by sexual immorality and that families are under an onslaught. It’s time to come clean – it’s time for the Bride to be pure and get her voice back.”

In an effort to bring awareness to this plight, and bring the Church to repentance, they are calling for a 40 Day fast from May 28th thru July 7th 2007.

On July 7th , they will sponsor a ‘silent prayer walk’ from The Parthenon to LP Field in Nashville.

According to the site. “We are seeking those who hear the call to repentance to arise, as we set the stage for the Call on 7/7/7. Saturday morning before 7 am, thousands will be gathering at Centennial Park to take this pilgrimage of repentance, as we march 2.7 miles through the heart of the city into the stadium. Here we will cross over the juncture of Church and 40 as a prophetic picture of the 40 years of a worldy wilderness being over. This is not a parade, celebration or protest – it is a time of intercession and repentance.”

Check out their site at www.thecall.com for more information.


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One thought on “Have You Heard ‘The Call’?

  1. This is going to be a powerful event….many have been fasting and praying leading up to this…CHildren have had conferences of prayer and warring in the SPirit……it’s a united push in the realm of the SPirit to see a mighty repentence revival sweep this nation….bars shutting down..the Presence of the Lord coming upon people in their workplace…..it’s a battle cry for this last generation…an “overthrowing” of ungodliness, unrighteousness, wickedness, perversion, just like Jesus overturned the tables…… we are praying….praying….praying…for America…may the yoke that keeps us in bondage to sin be smashed in the SPirit

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