Who The Heck is Keith Olbermann?

I have to admit…I am a sports fan. I love baseball, football, and will on occasion watch basketball, (when the Rockets are winning).

I have my favorite sports commentators like, Dan Patrick, Mark Vandermeer, Gene Peterson, John Madden, and of course, the great Milo Hamilton. I will have to admit also that I have watched Keith Olbermann on ESPN’s Sports Center and liked his commentary. He’s no Stuart Scott…but then…who is.

But today….ah today…I ran across a video of Keith Olbermann spouting his venemous attack at President Bush and he made me angry. Not at the President…but at Keith Olbermann.

In his attack of the president, Mr. Olbermann had the audacity to attack President Bush’s character while pulling things out of context that President Bush had said. While spouting his ‘out of context near hatred’ for the President, he demanded that President Bush apologize to the American public for keeping us in this, as Mr. Olbermann called it, ‘War Of Lies’.

Now I can’t say that I agree 100% with everything that President Bush has done or the reasons why we are at war in Iraq. But how can one man demand the apology of another while pulling statements out of context. Sounds alot like hate-mongering to me.

One of my favorite shows on ESPN Radio is a show called ‘Mike and Mike in the Morning‘. I love those guys. One of my favorite segments they do is called ‘Just Shut Up’. In this segment they have different people who have said outlandish or absurd things in the sports community, and they vote on who should ‘Just Shut Up’. It is sometimes very funny.

My nominee for this week is….drum roll please…Keith Olbermann.

Hearing Mr. Olbermann spout off about the President is like hearing me rant about the effects of global warming. I have no clue what that means.:)

I think Mr. Olbermann should stick to sports commentary. I liked him better then.

p.s. I think you owe the President and apology Mr. Olbermann. But then…that’s just my opinion.


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5 thoughts on “Who The Heck is Keith Olbermann?

  1. It doesn’t…I just felt the need to spout about Keith and his attack on the President.

    You know me….I’ve always got an opinion. 🙂

  2. Wow man, how is it that you didn’t mention that you were a Rockets fan? As a native Houstonian myself, I celebrate that we have more than just our faith in common!

  3. Oh yeah….HUGE fan of the ‘Clutch City’ teams of 85/86.

    Hasn’t been much to celebrate lately though…same with the Astros this year. 😦

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