What Makes a Church a Church?

So…what does make a church a church?

Is it the music, the preaching, the pews, the fact that we take up an offering? Is it the cermonial tradition, the 501(c)3, is it the board, the elders, the choir? Is it the building, the steeple, is it the people? (sorry for the Dr. Suess’ish rhyming)

Mark Batterson wrote recently in his Evotional blog;

“I love our graphics, our website, our videos, our atlases, our outreaches, our locations. But those things aren’t primal. They aren’t what makes a church a church.

The church was birthed in Acts 2 when God poured out His spirit. Nothing has changed. You don’t need a building to be a church. And you can have a building, but without the Spirit, you don’t have a church!

The longer I pastor the more I realize that the simple things are the important things.”

Well put Mark.


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