Church 7 Days a Week?

Thats right…7 days a week. (Church staff members tremble at the thought)

I ran across an article at Monday Morning Insight, about a church in Hollywood Florida that was having an extreme problem with over-crowding and not being able to accomodate the number of people coming to service. You know the saying…desperate times call for desperate measures.

So, they had a revolutionary thought…why not have church 7 days a week.

Each service is unique and has it’s own personality and host pastor or pastors.

Check out the Church of Pembroke Pines and their “7 Nights of Worship”.

This experiment started in in Jaunary of this year, so it will be interesting to see how it works. We will have to check back with them in the future.

Let us know your thoughts.


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One thought on “Church 7 Days a Week?

  1. Maybe if more churches did this, they would be not so quick to relocate to the outskirts of town (like in my city) and contribute to ever-widening circular swaths of urban destruction *cough* I mean development.

    Usually they do this on the premise that the building is “too small now” for their needs, but a quick drive-by on any other night of the week reveals a deserted parking lot. More like the building is no longer sufficiently attention getting.

    Relevance indeed. I’m glad to read this article and see someone had the sense to do this. It was actually my gut reaction to several churches planning to move in my city (“your building is not too small, it’s underutilized… moving should only be your consideration after the place is jammed all week long.”) Seems a much better method of stewardship.

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