The Powerful Christian Vote

It appears that Presidential campaigns begin earlier and earlier every four years. The upcoming 2008 election is without a doubt a pivotal point in our Nation’s history. How will America define the world, and how will the world define America? As of now, America has defined the world in a dichotomous fashion: Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, Terrorist and Non-Terrorist. America has also been defined. Some labels include: Imperialistic, Suppressors, Liberators, and Arrogant. Will these be the terms we carry into the next administration?

In light of the current world affairs, it appears that the Christian vote is becoming more and more desired by candidates. Political figures are well aware of this demographic as it is estimated that the Christian population was instrumental in Bush’s re-election (see figures here)

But why?

Simply put, It is primarily because of the way the world has been defined and portrayed on our televisions. The globe is being split in two: East versus West (or more accurately, Middle East versus West). Accompanying the Middle East is the Islamic religion – and this has many fundamentalist Christians running to the polls to play their part in the battle of “Good”
and “Evil”.

As Christians, we need to be a bit more responsible. We must know the facts instead of endorsing the first candidate that advocates our religion and/or Jesus. At present time, it seems that appearances (and that includes appearing like a Christian) have more political weight than actual policies.

The country was built upon the Christian ideal that human beings desire more than just being told what to think and believe. Unfortunately, politicians have strayed away from the nation’s original intent and instead they strive to tell us what is important, what to believe, and why to support them. I for one will not tolerate being treated as a puppet – and neither should you.

The Christian vote should be the result of a prayerful reflection and a personal investigation of candidates. Do the candidates’ ideals truly match yours? If not, why would you vote for them? Just because they are Christian? No America, the country needs responsible citizens to choose a competent leader.

I encourage all of you to follow the coming election closely. Research the candidates (and no, research doesn’t include relying on the smear campaign commercials). God has given us an amazing ability: the power to reason, analyze, think, and make rational decisions; no other creature in existence has such a privilege. Let’s make use of this gift.

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3 thoughts on “The Powerful Christian Vote

  1. Great post Justin.

    What an awesome opportunity we have here in the USA to be able to vote. To effect change.

    It is very sad to me that more Christians do not take voting seriously.

  2. You are correct. We all need to be vigilant when it comes to the affairs of our free nation. When people become complacent the enemy takes note. We should all be aware of the issues, know where we stand concerning such issues and vote accordingly. Good job here Justin.
    Brett Clements

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