Pimping the gospel

I ran across an interesting post here by my new acquaintance Mark who was converted to Atheism apparently by people claiming to be Christians. His blog is well written and engaging – and the post above is spot on. Is your church peddling the gospel? Or is it giving it away – in a manner that will get the attention and earn the respect of the unconvinced?  At Crosspoint we have determined to give away our stuff – graphics, videos, sermons.  People get our CD’s for free.  I have been guilty of charging for T-shirts.  That’s over now.  Imagine if the best and most innovative churches followed the lead of guys like lifechurch.tv and gave it all away.


2 thoughts on “Pimping the gospel

  1. That’s funny. I ran across his blog the other day too. I thought his post hit the preverbial “nail on the head”.

    I also like what Lifechurch.tv is doing. What a great way to reach out to the world. There is no telling how many more people they are impacting outside of their reach by giving materials away.

  2. I have to say that the term “pimping” is something adapted and embraced by modern culture that we need to keep out of our Christian culture. Here’s my point: the word pimp describes a person who sells or solicits while taking advantage of another person. By no means is God’s word a solicitation of manipulation. I understand that you are just trying to relate to today’s culture, but I don’t think you need to stoop to that level of ignorance and disrespect. We need to help this culture change – by using terms like pimp we are not being effective whatsoever – in fact we are going in reverse. In His Service, Joey H, Virginia Beach, VA

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