Rock Stars, Megachurch Pastors, and Me

For some reason that I can not fathom I was invited to be an author on this blog site. Why? I am nobody. But I feel like a Rock Star! It’s sort of strange too. Even famous Megachurch Pastors have blog entries that refer to me. Today Tim Stevens of Granger Community Church picked up on an article that was about me in our Local Paper – The Decatur Daily.

The recently famous (more likely notorious) Chris Elrod (he doesn’t have a Mega Church yet but he’s mega famous) linked to my blog and last week Our Nation’s “Cool Pastor” Mark Batterson had a post about me. Gary Lamb mentioned me a couple times and even Terry Storch, Scott Hodge, and Tony Morgan have left comments on my blog and responded to my email.

These guys are a few of the guys all the other “relevant” guys are looking at and following. They aren’t the only ones but a pretty good sampling. I am honored to know many of them. I am humbled that a few of them even know I exist. I am amazed at how God is using all of them in His Kingdom. And if I am honest – sometimes I wish it was me.

But let me tell you who I am. I am a regular guy. I didn’t go to seminary, I never pastored at a church, I was never on a church staff. I tried to plant a church in Austin Texas while working full time at a dot bomb and it wasn’t even as successful as fart in church. At least when that happens people notice. Before it got off the ground it tanked. I moved back to the small unknown town of Decatur Alabama where the only thing better than the new Super Wal-mart we got a few years ago is going to be the new Target.

In Decatur there is a rumor that we have more churches per (something) than any city in America. I tried to verify with the Guinness but they never heard of Decatur either. I’m pretty confident we were the largest dry city in America till about 10 years ago if that tells you anything.

We started Crosspoint Community Church 5 years ago in a living room with 6 people and I have worked a full time job and never taken a salary from the church until I resign from my job at Mentor Graphics next month. We only average 120 people or so in our service that meets in an old day care building.

But that is going to change – because I believe there are thousands of people in my city and my county who would love Jesus if they could get past the church and God called me to reach them. All of them. And here’s the deal. I don’t’ know how to do it. I am very afraid of failing. And when I see these other guys succeeding – honestly sometimes I want to give up because I feel like I’m not really making the impact I should be or could be.

But I won’t. Because the truth is there are more guys like me in more towns like mine who are reaching small groups of people all over the planet and when you put us all together – we are making a difference and we are a mega-church. And when you consider that there is rejoicing in the presence of God’s Angels over ONE sinner who repents – what guys like us (the non-mega pastors) do matters more than we can possibly know.

So thats my first post. Its not much and not very relevant and probably wont rock the blogging world or make Perry Noble’s or Steven Furtick’s radar. But thats OK because I play for an Audience of One and He doesn’t keep score or rank what we do based on how many fanny’s are in the seats. He loves His church and calls Pastors to all kinds of places to do all kinds of things. Are you doing what he’s called you to do?


12 thoughts on “Rock Stars, Megachurch Pastors, and Me

  1. Dave,
    i am proud to say that you are my pastor and that I can go to a church like crosspoint, keep it up bro

  2. Dave, we are so happy to have you as our Pastor at Crosspoint,Decatur,Ala coming from Calif and attending some great churches out there for many years, I can honestly say you are right up there with the Mega-Church Pastors..God is using you to reach people in an awesome way!!!

  3. It takes one notorious pastor to recognize another one. 🙂

    You rock man…I never miss a day without checking your blog. If Perry gives you some “link love” send him my way. 🙂

  4. Holy Crap! Steve Furtick posted here. I’m not even a pastor anymore. I may never be able to post again. 🙂 Dude, seriously, you got Steve Furtick to post here! My boss (in the auto auction where I work for the a few more days) is so jealous.

  5. Hey Dave,
    Right there with you! I pastor a church near Cincinnati Ohio and God is at work. There is a MOVEMENT like I could have never imagined. It’s great to just be part of what He is doing.

    Ray Brock

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