A Church Just For Men?

Our friend and Relevant Christian Contributor Chris Elrod has been on the fast track this past week for some comments he made in his blog about a church “Just For Men”.

His comments made their way to the AP and he recently was on Fox News in regards to the comments he made in reference to a Church Just for men in Daytona Florida.

He wrote a post in his blog entitled “We Need A More Manly Church”

Watch the Fox News Report here

Check out Chris’ blog and the Fox News report and give us your thoughts.

Way to go Chris!
(By The way…you looked great on tv bro!)


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4 thoughts on “A Church Just For Men?

  1. Okay, this was a hoot and I couldn’t agree more!

    We used to refer the worship leader at my old church as the ‘bearded woman’. All the songs he had us sing were straight from Karen Carpenter. I hated every one of them.

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