10 Tips For “Relevant” Preaching and Teaching

I ran across a great article at Church Relevance citing some cautions and encouragements for preachers by Mars Hill Church’s Mark Driscoll.

I personally like the wrap up at the end of the article below:

“In summary, keep God first and do everything you can to effectively and relevantly communicate the timeless message of the gospel and scripture to the unique audiences you are called to reach”

(read the article here)



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4 thoughts on “10 Tips For “Relevant” Preaching and Teaching

  1. Ahh finally a post that points to some meat.

    Hey guys don’t fall over dead here but I found myself agreeing with practically all ten of Mark’s ideas. The one I like the most was number 7. It says:

    Preach Jesus. Jesus’ name should be spoken repeatedly throughout a sermon so that it is clear which God you are speaking of. Jesus should be the hero of every sermon, the answer to every question, and the hope for every person. Jesus promised that if He is lifted up He would draw people and the key to church growth is the exaltation of Jesus.

  2. Chris,

    I thought I was going to have to dial 911 because I thought I was having a heart attack. (kidding of course)

    I couldn’t agree more.

    I have heard some preachers speak for 45 minutes and not one mention of Jesus. I don’t want to hear someone spout about the “Power of Positive Thinking”.

    People have real questions, real problems and they need real answers. And we all know that the only [REAL] answer is Jesus

    Jesus is what they are searching for…they just may not know it. We have to point them to Him every chance we get.

    There is no Gospel without Jesus.


  3. It’s nice to see that we’ve found some common ground.

    You and I could not agree more on this subject!

    Heads up. There is a radio program that aires in the St. Louis market called Issues Etc. The host of the program does sermon reviews on his show every week and tests to see if the sermon he is review is Christ-Centered and Cross-Focused.

    All of the programs are archived on their web-site at Issuesetc.org.

    I think you would be shocked just how many high-profile mega church pastors barely if ever mention Jesus during their sermons instead they are filled with self-help advice and steps to be happy. (sadly it seems that is the type of preaching that draws crowds now-a-days)

    If you browse through the archives you’ll find sermon reviews on Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Ed Young Jr. and many others.

    I’d love to get your feedback on some of these reviews.

    If your ideas about ‘relevant’ preaching are that we need to follow Mark Driscoll’s advice in his point number 7, rather than take Rick Warren’s advice regarding being ‘seeker sensitive’ then we are much closer in our thinking than I had originally given you credit for.

  4. I am all about being relevant to your culture and community, but not at the expense of the true gospel.
    I have a large number of friends and family who are not christians but they have no doubt where I stand.
    To me, if you are preaching and not mentioning Jesus…isn’t that the same as denying the power of his name.
    Without Jesus there is no redemption for sins, no healing, no hope.
    I am all in favor of being creative and cool to get them in the door…but once you got them…you better have some answers for them.

    i will check the reviews you spoke of and get back to you.

    it is nice to see that we have some common ground.


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