Church As Usual?

Ok…we want to hear what your church did for Easter this year.
Was it different? Was it good?

Come on…we want to hear it.



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12 thoughts on “Church As Usual?

  1. Our church had a new video, but that was it. The rest was just strait preaching on the significance of the ressurection. It was great. People chosing to follow Jesus everywhere.

  2. The church I attended did the exact same thing that it has done for 50 years AND IT WAS AMAZING!!

    Christ’s victory over sin and the grave was proclaimed. People sang hymns praising our victorious king. God’s word was read and we heard a powerful sermon on 1 Corinthians 15. “If Christ is not raised your faith is in vain.”

    There were no videos, powerpoint, guitars, drums or skits.

    The service centered on Christ and it was just what we all needed.

    The truth of scripture and the message of the cross transcends all cultures and defies relevance.

  3. As far as the actual service, not much changed from usual (except for a couple of videos that both screwed up GRRRR), Our pastor presented Christ’s death and resurrection in a way that I had not heard before. It was excellent for all of our visitors, very easy to follow. We did promote more than ever before, but it still seemed, as we all know, that the best way to get someone to church is by asking them personally. All in all, it was an excellent service.

  4. Hey Joe, what was the video?

    Chris, thanks for the comment and yes you are correct, “The truth of scripture and the message of the cross transcends all cultures and defies relevance”. Thank you for reminding me.

    Tyler, i understand about video’s getting screwed up. Unfortunately when you are dealing with technology it doesn’t always cooperate.
    You are very right about the personal invites. We try to make it easy for people to invite their friends, neighbors and family. We always give them little invite cards, just a little bigger than a business card, to inform about the service times. We always tie it in with the same graphics and design of whatever Pastors sermon title is.

    It works very well.


  5. I’m not really sure the name of the video, but I’ll check. It was one about Lincoln, Ghandi, and MKK Jr. how they were all revolutionaries that fought for different things and they all died. Then it talked about Jesus and how he died too with one little difference. It was really good.

  6. We did what we always do – rocked the house for Jesus – but we took advantage of the fact that its easier to get people to church on Easter. We started a series called “Mythbusters” and our first topic to bust was “Jesus was just a man”. The only proof is the resurrection. Without it we are wasting time according to I Cor 15. So we busted the myth that there is No Resurrection. We started it off funny – busting the myth that the Easter bunny is just as good as Jesus – Check out the video at my blog – there is a link off to youtube as well.

    At the end we told people to write down the myths they believe about Jesus on a card that said “Busted” – myths like he cant fix their marriage, heal their hurts, clean up their sin, accept them as they are, fix their finances, return their prodigals etc… Then we had them bring their “busted” cards with the myth on it and nail them to a huge wooden cross that someone hewed out of a cedar log.

    It was AWESOME!!!! Then we sang “Savior” by Hillsong- it ROCKED!

    Check out the bunny video here

  7. Very Cool Dave,

    Yeah…I saw your video. That was freaking hilarious!

    I love the idea about the myths cards being nailed to the cross, What an awesome visual effect to drive the point home!

    We finished ours up with the song “Saved The Day” by Phillips, Craig and Dean.


  8. We just used the entire worship service to hide some Easter Eggs, give out some candy and play “Pin The Tail On The Rabbit”. It was so effective…we drew a bunch of people to church. 🙂

    Seriously…we just did the normal “Three P’s” we do every week at Compass Point…praise, pray and preach. Easter Sunday is not that big of day to unchurched folks when you don’t live in the Bible Belt (i.e., it’s not our biggest attendance day all year…never has been). Unlike most areas of the country…the highest attendance for most Central Florida churches is right after Labor Day. Go figure…

  9. We took another risk. We challenged to people to get connected to a group or as a volunteer so that God could begin to work in their lives through this movement called the church, He founded 2000 yrs ago… We had 125 new people get connected to groups and had 150 people sign up to volunteer! This means we connected 275 new people to our church body this weekend!

  10. Chris,

    I like that game. 🙂 We get a huge influx of what we call the “C.E.O.s”. (Christmas and Easter Only). So being here in the bible belt our 2 biggest Sunday’s are Easter and Mothers Day!


    Great to hear from you. That is fantastic to get that many people connected.

    That is our philosphy…get them connected for discipleship.
    Our church mission is “Connecting People to Christ, and Equipping Them For Growth and Ministry”.

  11. We did something a little fresher than prior years. We always do something musically special, but we about equally used music (choir, solos, ensembles), drama (soliloquies), and graphic arts (imovies). Preaching followed as well a couple of congregation songs (traditional Easter hymns) to start and finish. Things went well, attendance was good, and there was a good response at the invitational time. The traditional egghunt afterward went well, despite near frigid temperatures. All in all, it was good to be alive and know that Jesus is too.

  12. Very cool…we have used a video element for the last 8 years or so, but this time instead of doing a “movie” we did an interview with our Student Ministries Pastor. He has a fantastic testimony of where God brought him from. It was very powerful.
    We did use some still easter type still shots during Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone. Again…very powerful.

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