Servant Evangelism

I have been contemplating blogging on Servant Evangelism for some time but have always come up short. However, I recently read an article on the subject of Servant Evangelism and it got me thinking.

WE as Christians, for the most part, have forgotten how to “evangelize” the world. It seems we have focused on doing the “big church” thing of “just get them in the door and we will do the rest”. I know. I am on staff at what is considered a “mega” church and have heard that term many times.

How much more effective could we be in reaching the world if WE would begin to “evangelize” our world. When I say “our world”, I mean our spehere of influence. Our friends. Our neighbors. Our family. One by one. I want to find out!

Read this article on Servant Evangelism and tell us what you think.outflow-logo.gif


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One thought on “Servant Evangelism

  1. You’ve still not explained the method of evangelism. Share your testimony was the best I could get out of it. I’d be extremely interested in knowing what that testimony would sound like though.

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