Revolutionary Church(es)!

I have to admit it. I love it when people speak or write with candor and conviction. I love it when they don’t pull punches or hold back. When did the church decide it needed to be “politically correct” on everything? Why are most Christians a bunch of mealy mouthed, weak kneed people afraid to speak out or take a stand for what is right?

I especially like Pastors who will speak their minds and take a stand. Some of my fav’s, (two of which just happen to be contributing authors to Relevant Christian) are my good friend Timmy Gibson, pastor of Olathe Life Fellowship, Chris Elrod, pastor of Compass Point, and Steve Furtick, pastor of Elevation Church.

Be sure to check out Steve Furticks blog about “Who We Are”

Keep it up guys. I wish that all pastors, (and Christians) where as brave as you are.

Let’s be Revolutionary!


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9 thoughts on “Revolutionary Church(es)!

  1. As a pastor trying to do church a new way, I’m looking into cyberspace. In addition to creating a more “tame” church website, I’m doing a personal/pastoral log that tackles more personal issues. I’m really stepping out on a limb today with a post called “I’m OK, You’re All Gay”. Pray for me.

  2. Crossings and Life churches in OKC are also a couple of places I think you’d enjoy! Wonderful pastoral staff who preach in todays time with conviction in Christ.

  3. Wow
    All you guys are worth a post on my blog. I will get to work on it right away.
    What I see here is the politically correct, the culturally relevant, a Jesus frees you so don’t worry about it theology. You aren’t edgy. You are everything the world tolerates. You will never be persecuted, as you don’t bring the rock of stumbling, the offending stone of Isaiah 8 to the world.
    The church I pastor in would never preach the junk that I seee on the various websites, yet we do more in our community than I bet any of you do. What I see is a bunch of “pastors” attracting attention to themselves and their antics, mocking the ones who have spent more years than any of these “relevant” men have been alive, sharing the Gospel and taking care of God’s people. Knock yourselves out. Jesus will say “away from me”

  4. Apparently they will be persecuted by people like you, Chris P. Isn’t difficult patting yourself on the back at the same time you are throwing stones? You might pull a muscle or something…

  5. I don’t feel real revolutionary. At the ripe old age of 41 I gave up trying to be revolutionary and relevant…and just started doing what God’s Word said to do. Isn’t it funny how relevant and revolutionary that seems to be in the 21st Century???

  6. Chris P is exactly right. Dunno what it’s actually about for you guys, but it’s not God’s glory. Chris Elrod is right too. If you’ve not offended the lost, you’ve not been preaching the same Gospel as Jesus did. If this were China, or North Korea would you be willing to die for Christ? Most likely not since theology and preaching the true gospel aren’t as important as being ‘relevant’.

  7. Hey jfreak…you don’t know me. You don’t know what I stand have no idea what I have done or who or where I have been to help reach the lost for Christ…so maybe you should shut up.

    I am sick of judgemental morons like you and everything you claim you stand for.

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