Is Church Relevant?

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3 thoughts on “Is Church Relevant?

  1. What is exactly is the point of this video?

    The church is not called to be ‘relevant’. It is called to faithfully preach and teach God’s word and that willl never be ‘relevant’ to the world.

    1Cor. 1:22 For Jews demand signs and Greeks seek wisdom, 23 but we preach Christ crucified, a stumbling block to Jews and folly to Gentiles.

    Furthermore, your scary statistic about the world being ‘unreachable’ is disproven by the fact that the church itself started with ONLY 120 people. That was less than 1% of 1% of the Roman Empire’s population.

    The church didn’t conquer the world Roman Empire by being ‘relevant’. It did it by proclaiming the forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ.

  2. Chris,

    Thanks for your comment, though we may disagree a tad.

    The word “Relevant” by definition is;

    a : having significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand b : affording evidence tending to prove or disprove the matter at issue or under discussion

    This is the main thrust of what we are pushing for.

    We are in agreement that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is to be proclaimed. The message NEVER changes, the METHOD has to. The method of preaching the Gospel IS always changing. I mean…if God can use a donkey to speak then he can sure use someone like me.
    Truth be told…I may be able to reach people that you may not be able to because our methods and beliefs may vary. I don’t believe that is a bad thing.

    For example; I have a friend who started a Cowboy Church in our area. The church is a few years old and they are doing very well. He is a cowboy, He can RELATE to their lifestyle. He is able to minister to them much better than I ever could.

    So to be RELEVANT by the meaning is to know what you are talking about and make it RELATIVE to the crowd you are talking to, without compromising the MESSAGE of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It is never a question of rather the Gospel is RELEVANT. It always is. Nut the question at hand is, is the CHURCH?

    As far as the statistic goes, we have no doubt that God can do big miracles with very little. It is just meant to make people think and hopefully move them to action to make a difference for Jesus.


  3. Can you help me understand something?

    What is fundamentally different about preaching the gospel to a cowboy as compared to a yuppie?

    The message is the same for both. Here’s the message in a nutshell, “You are a sinner and face God’s justice and Christ died on the cross and suffered God’s justice for you. Repent and believe.”

    Now I’ve never met you. I don’t know if you are a cowboy, yuppie, head banger, goth, ex-druggie, recovering alcholic, or mafioso turned pastor. You’ve never met me and don’t know anything about my demographic information.

    That being said. What needs to change in the gospel message that I outlined above if I were to preach it do people in differenent demongraphics?

    I don’t truly don’t understand.

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